Managed SIEM Security Monitoring

Beyond Simple Security Monitoring ... to Threat Protection

Managed Unified Security Monitoring (Managed SIEM+)


Managed SIEM (Network Security Monitoring)eSecurity Solutions provides a completely Managed SIEM Unified Security Monitoring (MUS) and security threat management solution for your business enabling compliance with all major security regulations. Our service goes beyond traditional managed SIEM network security monitoring solutions to provide a customized managed solution that will 1) detect security system vulnerabilities, 2) alert you to security threats or intrusions, 3) enable security systems optimization, and 4) measure, manage and report on compliance 24×7.


Our Managed SIEM Unified Security Monitoring (MUS) is unique because it provides five essential security compliance network security monitoring capabilities in a single solution, integrating security threat information from multiple data intelligence sources on your network. These capabilities include:

  1. Asset Discovery
  2. Managed SIEM
  3. Threat Detection (IDS)
  4. Behavior Monitoring
  5. Vulnerability Assessment

Unlike traditional managed SIEM-only solutions, MUS provides a more complete network security monitoring solution that extends beyond basic Log event and information monitoring. This makes your organization more secure and solves more pieces of the security solution puzzle.


As we customize our solution for your organization we define the necessary security policies; work interactively with you to install sensors, loggers, servers; implement policy configurations and test your deployment.  Once that is complete, we will continuously tune and adjust the system to provide optimized security alerts and information.  We will set up reporting on all threat features to meet your needs. And lastly, we will be there to continuously monitor the system, analyze the results and assist in your understanding of the impact to your organization.


Security Control Capabilities eSecurity Solutions
Managed Unified Security Monitoring

SIEM Solutions

Multi-Source Network Security Monitoring, Analysis, Correlation & Alerting Logs Only
Asset Management
(Hosts, Services & Software Discovery)
Vulnerability & Threat Assessment
(Current & Historical)
Threat Detection
(NW, Host, File, Wireless IDS)
File Only
User Management & Access Control Logs Only
Behavioral Monitoring & Anomaly Detection
(OS Services, Net flow, NW Protocols & Packet Capture)
(Logs, Net flow, Packets, IDS, Vuln. Scans, Assets)
Log Data Only
Reporting (Compliance & Custom) (Logs Only)
Active Management* Yes  
*Active Management =: Policy Def., Setup, Configuration, Tuning, Monitoring, Maintenance, Changes, Support


With our Managed SIEM Security Monitoring (MUS) service you will be able to detect the latest threats and prioritize your response efforts. Specifically, you’ll extend your security program with:

  • Real-time botnet detection — identifies infection and misuse of corporate assets
  • Data exfiltration detection — prevents leakage of sensitive and proprietary data
  • Command-&-control traffic (C&C) identification — IDs compromised systems communicating with malicious actors
  • IP, URL, and domain reputation data — prioritizes response efforts by identifying known bad actors and infected sites
  • APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) detection — detects targeted attacks often missed by other defenses
  • Dynamic incident response and investigation guidance — provides customized instructions on how to respond and investigate each alert


Customizing a Security Monitoring (SIEM) Solution for You

We provide a scalable security monitoring solution that fits small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Additionally, we offer flexible pricing models that include annual, quarterly, and monthly payment options. Contact us to learn more.


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