WatchGuard Firewall, WatchGuard System Manager, WatchGuard VPN

WatchGuard Firewall, WatchGuard System Manager, WatchGuard VPN











WatchGuard Firewall (UTM)

WatchGuard’s unique approach to network security focuses on bringing best-in-class, enterprise-grade security to any organization, regardless of size or technical expertise. Ideal for SMB, midsize, and distributed enterprise organizations, the award-winning WatchGuard firewall Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances are designed from the ground up to focus on ease of deployment, use, and ongoing management, in addition to providing the strongest security possible.

WatchGuard offers the widest variety of network security services, ranging from standard IPS, URL filtering, Gateway AV, application control, and antispam, to services for combating advanced threats such as file sandboxing, data loss prevention, ransomware protection and more.

It has been long debated whether one appliance that centralizes a variety of network security tasks could ever compete with the performance of a dedicated point solution. Not only is the answer yes, but the performance of the WatchGuard firewall UTM appliances, with all security engines running, outperforms competitive UTM appliances and also outperforms many dedicated NGFW point solutions.


Threat Detection and Response

Organizations of all sizes need a solution that leverages a holistic approach to security from the network to the endpoint. WatchGuard Threat Detection and Response (TDR) is a powerful collection of advanced malware defense tools that correlate threat indicators from Fireboxes and Host Sensors to stop known, unknown and evasive malware threats.

Threat Intelligence was previously only a benefit available to enterprise organizations with big budgets and even bigger security teams. With Threat Detection and Response, WatchGuard aggregates and analyzes threat intelligence feeds – delivering the security benefits without passing on the associated complexities or cost.


WatchGuard VPN

Secure connectivity to corporate headquarters is essential if your remote employees are going to achieve maximum productivity. Organizations rely on a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, to offer that secure connection. While many VPN clients are on the market, not all offer the same level of protection and flexibility. You need a feature-rich WatchGuard VPN client that provides Two-Factor Authentication, Seamless Roaming, Windows Pre-logon – and more.

WatchGuard VPN Client, compatible with Windows and Mac OS X, is a premium service that gives both the organization and its remote employees a higher level of protection and a better VPN experience.


WatchGuard System Manager

WatchGuard System Manager (WSM) is an out-of-the-box platform that enables you to centrally manage all the Firebox appliances in your network using one easy-to-use console. Whether you are managing security as an IT professional or a managed security service provider, leverage WatchGuard System Manager monitoring and management tools to quickly apply configuration changes to your Firebox appliances in real time or as a scheduled task.


WatchGuard Multi-Factor Authentication

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