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Evolve your Security or Die with the Dinosaurs

Changing landscape of security

Not upgrading your security with the latest 2017 security trends can leave you as naked and unprotected as the dinosaurs. Security solutions are moving forward rapidly to protect against the latest threats, and to enable better automated responses. As the bad guy’s tools keep evolving, so too must the solutions.

Advances in security are pronounced in several areas, endpoint security, firewalls, security monitoring, cloud application security and employee security training.



New Endpoint Solutions Solve a Much Bigger Problem

Endpoint 2017 security trends have evolved to deal with ransomware, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and to provide a more balanced integrated preventative, detection and response solution.

Endpoint security has evolved a lot in recent years from Antivirus, to broader security suites, to recently adding advanced malware and APT protection, machine learning detection and automatic remediation. Most recently, we are seeing forensic ability also added to endpoint security so that incidences can be investigated when they occur.

Endpoint security trends are evolving to provide advanced security that utilizes the latest advanced preventative, detection, response and forensic solutions.


Next Gen Endpoint Solutions now include:

  • Baseline risk assessment scanning
  • Behavior and AI machine learning to detect advanced threats such as ransomware
  • Automated threat response solutions that can stop or reverse damage
  • Forensics that allow detailed discovery of prior threats and the history of the attack
  • Mobile security, USB storage control, Patch Management
  • Data Loss Protection that encrypt, or prevent key data leakage
  • Advanced threat detection, alerting and reporting


New Firewall 2017 Security Trends Try to Solve All Gateway Problems

Firewalls 2017 security trends have evolved from basic connection managers to Unified Threat Management (UTM), Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) solutions, application usage control, and data loss protection (DLP).

Most recently, in an effort to prevent APTs, linkage from the firewall to the endpoint is becoming the norm so that threats on the endpoints can be correlated with network threats seen by the firewall. Each vendor has their unique approach, but one thing is for sure companies need advanced solutions and devices need to be able to talk to each other.


Security Monitoring is Now for Everyone

Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) solutions used to be only for enterprise companies. With more and more companies wanting to increase their security and perhaps achieve some level of regulation compliance, SIEM is becoming a requirement. Affordable multi-function SIEM solutions now enable the acquisition of security information from all network and security devices, correlation of the data and event alerting on threats.  This is a true big picture solution that can also provide threat prevention, detection, and forensics.


Are you Protected as Your Applications Migrate to the Cloud?

Cloud application security is a big security trend that almost no one is paying attention to.  Many if not most applications are migrating from corporate servers to the cloud or somebody else’s servers. The great news is that applications from CRM, financial, HR, payroll, IT, “box” type apps and more can all be access from any computer anywhere. The bad news is that your apps can be access from any computer anywhere. Your data is in the cloud, the apps are logged into in the cloud. So how do you control user access and what corporate data is read, written, and removed?  Cloud Application Security Brokers (CASB) vendors to the rescue.  These solutions are designed to provide visibility, user control, threat management, and regulation compliance.  Mostly, CASB provides a solution that helps get your arms around everything moving out of your IT room and into the cloud. But it is time to start thinking about how to secure all of your apps and data and not just that which is in your control.

eSecurity Solutions can help you evolve your 2017 security so that your security is up to the task of dealing with latest generation 2017 security threats.


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