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4 Reasons Companies Need Apex Level Security Monitoring

Managed Security 24x7 SIEM SOC

Apex Level SIEMs Enable Full System Monitoring & Maximum Security

SIEMs are a monitoring, detection and response tool that provide the best OVERALL security monitoring of a company’s security system. Unlike Individual Security Product Monitoring, a SIEM is a tool that looks at Security Information/Event Information from all security and core IT systems to provide real-time monitoring, alerting, and remediation information.

SIEMs also enable regulation compliance, support cyber insurance requirements, and satisfy the overall objectives of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) process by providing Top-Level Detection and Response Solutions. A 24×7 SIEM SOC is an outsourced solution to manage your SIEM and provide a single managed security monitoring solution.

Managed SIEM Monitoring Provides the Highest Level Security

A Managed SIEM manages your SIEM with a 24×7 team, providing all the benefits of a SIEM with none of the work.

Traditional managed security for security products only manages one security product. Providing good security management, but not good security system visibility, detection and response.

Even managed endpoint EDR security it is still only monitoring one element of security (endpoints) and provides limited monitoring of the endpoint security. 

Apex level  security monitoring requires a SIEM to monitor all security and key IT like servers, network, and users. Then the SIEM can correlate that broad sensory information looking for indications of attack and compromise. If your SIEM is managed by a 24×7 SOC, that team can then search for root cause and provide intelligent remediation information.

The top 4 reasons why companies need a 24×7 Managed SIEM

Providing Top Level Security Monitoring, Detection and Response

1a) Regulations

Generally, the biggest driver in utilizing a SIEM-Based SOC is Regulation Compliance. Regulations all require 3 major components of compliance: 3rd Party Risk Assessments to define gaps and help with planning, appropriate security controls, and active security management. Compliance is met through security monitoring that actively manages your controls and provides incidence response capability. Outsourced Managed Security through a SIEM SOC achieves the highest level of security monitoring attainment.

1b) Cyber Insurance

Along with Regulation Compliance, Cyber Insurance is increasing the requirements to qualify for policies annually. Cyber Insurance is becoming a major driver of increased security as cyber insurance companies are demanding higher rates and Increased requirements to qualify for insurance. For companies buying cyber insurance, the need for Regulation Compliance-Level Security will become the standard to qualify.

2) Prevent Evasive Attacks

Today’s cyber-attacks are highly evasive, eluding preventative controls. Over 20% of the attacks remain undiscovered inside victim systems for months and another 10% are undiscovered for years. SIEMS can catch attacks that move slowly through your IT systems. SIEMs correlate information and events from multiple sources, use AI to look for indications of attack and compromise, and catch attack movement within your IT infrastructure.

3) Balanced Security

Ensuring balanced security enables your company to prevent an attack or breach of the weakest link of your security. The goal of balanced security is to create the highest level of security with the least amount of cost. This is accomplished through knowing where your gaps are and prioritizing them, adding detection and response to your preventative solutions, and ensuring your security is tailored to your company’s particular situation.

4) Complete Picture

The Monitoring, Detection, and Response (MDR) capabilities you get from each individual security product are silos of information and not a complete picture of your security. Likewise, individual security products don’t generate analysis, alerts, and compliance-level reports of all IT information using advanced rules and AI to look for threats and attacks. In comparison, SIEM-Based SOC provides a complete picture of your security posture. SIEMs provide real-time information from all your security products, your key IT (including network traffic, user access, servers, workstations), and all cloud and on-premises solutions.

Extensible Managed SIEM SOC with Managed Security Stack

Managed SIEMs are APEX solutions. SIEMs are a compliance level solution that provides compliance-level assessments, reporting, and alerts. SIEMS are managed by a SOC Team to configure, tune, and monitor for threats, attacks, and compromise. This expert redundantly trained staff engages in threat hunting, forensics, root cause analysis, and informed remediation to generate and analyze alerts 24×7 365. SIEMS can work with all security products to provide a true top-level solution.

eSecurity Solutions provides a full Vendor-Agnostic Extensible Managed SIEM SOC integrated with managed security products. Our SIEM-Based SOC promotes real-time monitoring of all multi-vendor security controls and key IT assets (like servers, PCs, networks, cloud) to provide event and information monitoring, correlation, analysis, threat hunting, alerting and response.

Why eSecurity Solutions

We provide Compliance-Level Security Solutions for companies of all sizes. eSecurity Solution’s mission is to provide full Information Security Management System (ISMS) cycle solutions highlighted by the 24×7 SIEM SOC.  With over 20 years of cybersecurity focused solutions and a broad customer base, eSecurity Solutions is a trusted expert in the security industry and our solutions are aligned with our customers’ need to be compliant and secure.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Company’s Need for Managed Security. 

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