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5 Controls Companies Need for Their Cloud Security

Protecting the Cloud through Optimal Cloud Security

5 Controls Companies Need for Their Cloud Security

All Your Data, Employees, and Applications are Moving to the Cloud 

Continuing to act like all corporate assets (data, employees, workloads, and applications) are still behind your corporate perimeter can lead your company to a security disaster. In reality, most companies are losing control of their security because most assets have moved remotely and do not have adequate cloud security.

Many companies are ignoring the urgency of this change. However, with this mass movement to remote assets, security must radically change. Securing this type of distributed remote infrastructure requires an entirely different approach and a move to a cloud security architecture.

3 Areas to Protect as Everything Moves to the Cloud?

Protecting your key assets in this remote world requires focusing on the following security objectives.

    1. Protecting Remote Employees – Remote employees need corporate-level protection 
      • From malicious 3rd parties that can attack from anywhere in the world
    2. Protecting Data and Workloads that reside on 3rd Party Public/Private Clouds
      • Vendors like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure provide cloud workloads that store your data
      • Your employees and other 3rd parties access your data on those workloads
      • Cloud providers are not responsible for your data or your workload
      • Your cloud workloads and data need the same protection as onsite servers
    3. Protecting Your Data that Resides on Remote Cloud Application Servers 
      • Cloud applications like Salesforce, M365, HubSpot, Payroll apps., QuickBooks, etc. host your data with no promise to protect it.
      • They may not provide granular user access controls or robust data security or backups

5 Important Cloud Security Solutions to Secure your Cloud

Below is a list of 5 important cloud security control areas that are clear indicators of the importance of robust cloud security. These new security solutions were designed to solve the unique and complex problem of distributed security assets (workloads, data, employees).

  1. Security for Public/Private Cloud Workloads & Data – securing workloads and data on AWS, Azure, etc
    • Deploy virtual firewalls to protect your cloud network
    • Use server endpoint security like EDR with server-specific protection – to protect servers, apps, and data
  2. Cloud Application Security (CASB) 
    • Secure data on and control the use of 3rd party cloud applications (Salesforce, Box, Payroll, financial, etc)
    • Discover and monitor which cloud applications are in use by employees
    • Control which applications can be accessed by which employees or groups
    • Provide secure granular access controls for cloud applications and their data
    • Allow permission to determine who can access and who can view, modify, remove, and delete data
  3. Securing Remote Employees – Protect each employee as if they are inside your perimeter
    • Secure each endpoint regardless of where it is located
    • Use endpoint-specific security to protect user networks, endpoints, and safe website access (solutions include SaaS Firewalls, SaaS Web security, EDR security, and SaaS email security)
  4. Zero Trust Solutions – a new cloud security solution designed to provide a high level of security that requires explicit permissions to trust access to important assets
    • Zero Trust Solutions – are a new cloud security solution designed to provide high-level security that requires explicit permissions to trust access to important assets
    • ZTNA-type cloud security provides granular access control for cloud data (in all locations)
    • Employee-specific controls by person, department, group
    • Control 3rd party or malicious access
    • Multi-factor access control
  5. Security Monitoring, Analysis, and Breach Response for all security solutions, servers, endpoints
    • 24×7 SIEM-based SOCs provide overall monitoring, analysis, threat hunting, alerting, and remediation solutions for breaches and attacks
    • Provides compliance level monitoring as required by most security regulations

Finding the Perfect Balance

With corporate data being spread out in numerous places, securing your cloud assets can be a daunting task. However, despite its difficulty, robust cloud security is critical to protect your customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Let us as eSecurity Solutions define your optimal cloud security strategy. We have over 21 years of experience and can create an effective approach tailored to your business needs.

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