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What We Do

eSecurity Solutions helps companies assess risk, define strategies and manage their complex security. We are focused on bringing the best enterprise level solutions to all companies.


We have been focused on cyber security solutions for business since 2003. We work with customers across the U.S. and internationally.

Use eSecurity Solutions to Solve your Security Problems

We provide full cycle GRC based risk management cyber security solutions to business customers.


About Us - eSecurity Solutions - Cyber Security Solutions for Business

Guiding Customers Through the Risk Management Process

eSecurity Solutions solves these problems:

  • Enable Stake Holders and Senior IT Staff Governance
  • Provide security regulation compliance solutions that enable you to demonstrate compliance with all regulations for your business.
  • Provide 3rd party Cyber Security Risks Assessments providing an independent review of your security
  • Help you Plan and Document your Strategies
  • Help you Implement your Security
  • Help you Manage your Security
  • Monitor your Security and Provide Incidence Response
  • Solve your Education and Training Needs
  • Provide right-sized products that match your strategy and budget

How eSecurity Solutions Does It

We serve our customers by providing a complete set of cyber security solutions. These overlapping solutions can be combined or utilized separately by our customers.


  • Governance Services including VCISO, governance management, maturity and controls testing, stakeholder education
  • Compliance Services including compliance reviews, validation, audit preparation, documentation, 3rd party vendor management.
  • Cyber Security Risks Assessment Services to define and prioritized cyber security gaps to address the goals of our customers
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Risk Management Solutions including Managed Security and Managed Detection & Response (MDR).
  • Education and Training Solutions for your employees and your security technical team.
  • Security Projects that implement your strategy and remediate your vulnerabilities
  • Security Products that match your strategy and budget


We would love the opportunity to work with you in the way that is most productive for your company. Contact us to let us know how we can help you today.

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Helping Companies Secure their Businesses Since 2003

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