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Can an Affordable SIEM Get You Compliant?

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Can an Affordable SIEM Get You Compliant?

SIEMs Need to Be Added to Every Serious Companies Security?

Due to increasing cyber security regulations and pressure by business partners, an increasing number of companies need to add a SIEM (Security Information and Event Manager) to their security. The goal is collection, correlation and analysis of security information and events from all of your security solutions, servers, workstations and other network devices for the purposes of threat alerts and forensic analysis.

Most small and medium sized companies are finding a void in their security around security monitoring, alerting, forensics and reporting. Firewall log monitoring alone is not sufficient.

Typical motivators to acquire SIEM log monitoring are:

  • To be compliant with security regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX, banking and financial etc.
  • Partners, suppliers or customers that require that they prove or attest to being security compliant
  • Protecting important digital assets like financial data, Intellectual property, customer private data (health, financial, SS#, etc) with advanced security.

So, What’s the Problem?

Three things are issues for businesses:

  1. The biggest problem is that most small to mid-size companies don’t have a SIEM and don’t understand them
  2. SIEMs are complex and require ongoing monitoring and adjustments. Most companies do not have the skill set or resources with time to do this justice.
  3. Lastly, Until recently, companies could not afford them. So, the search for affordable SIEM begins.

Small and Medium Businesses Moving to Outsource Managed Security

A recent report by Osterman Research shows that 56% of small businesses think that security is critical to company success. Most of these companies (68%) believe that outsourcing all their security to security experts is the right way to offload their small IT staffs and to get the best security. Many of these companies treat 3rd party security partners as an extension of their IT staff.

Are there Affordable SIEM Solutions for Small/Mid-Sized Companies?


Up until recently, there was only one solution, expensive enterprise level products that you had to try to manage yourself.  These product cost $50-100,000 minimally and require 3-5 days of training and expensive annual renewals. They are so complex they frequently don’t get monitored at all.

Finally, an affordable SIEM that supports small to mid-size companies:

A fully Managed SIEM Security Monitoring solutions with a full suite of security assessment and threat detection solutions. This solution includes asset management, vulnerability assessment, threat detection and behavioral monitoring. Ironically, this solution has features only available in the typical enterprise SIEM solutions.

Providing your Company with Expert Managed Security and Compliance

Increased security and cyber security regulation compliance are provided with eSecurity Solutions Managed SIEM solutions. We install, configure, and provide ongoing adjustments and updates to keep your system properly tuned. We monitor your SIEM daily and analyze your security information and events and then work with you keep you secure and compliant.

We provide the expertise and resources so that you do’t have to. You can focus on growing your business. We will help you get and stay secure.

Call or Contact us today to discuss the right Managed SIEM solution for you.