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Can your Security Withstand the Attack of the Machines?

It’s coming.  The technology is proven.  The same AI cyber security technology that can be deployed to protect against the latest cyber security attacks is starting to be used to find your latest weaknesses and to launch AI cyber attacks on your company.


Only AI cyber security solutions will be able to dynamically defend your company 24 x 7 against constantly morphing AI cyber attacks.


We live in a world where if you don’t continuously enhance your cyber security with the latest solutions, your data will be breached.


Why Must We Continuously Update our Approach to Security?

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  1. The days of static attacks are gone. Traditional siloed solutions that separately address email, web, gateways and servers will not suffice.
  2. Adding bridge solutions that essentially patch your static siloed solutions with new siloed solutions, will not catch all breach attempts.
  3. Cyber threat tool kits are available to criminals online which include the latest attack technology. These are affordable and easy to deploy.
  4. Attack methods constantly adjust to the latest protection methods and find new holes that can be used to attack.
  5. Attack methods proactively change moment by moment to evade static defense solutions. Static defenses won’t catch these attacks.
  6. Attackers are beginning to use AI to find new security holes, probing your companies weaknesses, to enable future targeted AI cyber attacks.
    • AI cyber attackers will use methods that mimic what is “normal” for your environment. Posing as “normal” network traffic, files, programs, or activity, it is hard for static cyber security defenses to diagnose them as a threat.
    • AI can be used to look for vulnerabilities at computer speed 24 x 7, never resting, relentlessly looking for passwords, patterns of use, communication style used by executives, social interests, etc. so that they can get access to your network, people and data.


The Evolution of Cyber Attacks and Solutions

AI cyber security, machine learning cyber security, ai cyber attacks


To deal with today’s evolving threats, it is recommended that companies think broadly about their security strategy. Utilizing the following cyber security building blocks will yield the best results.


How Should Your Security Change to Address Future Threats & AI Cyber Security Attackers?

  1. Take a compliance level approach to security. Look at security broadly, do frequent risk assessments to determine security gaps and build a budget that minimized weak links. Weak links are where AI attacks will focus.
    • Incorporate important but underutilized solutions that are part of a good compliance level solution such as:
      • MFA – Multi-factor authentication
      • SIEM – Security Information and Event Monitoring
      • Computer based employee training
      • Utilize 3rd Party Expert security partners for risk assessments, managed security and advisory services.
  2. Implement Adaptive Ecosystem Solutions. Implement solutions that are adaptive (AI & behavior based) that integrate as many security threat sources into your threat intelligence as possible. These integrated security solutions communicate with each other to protect, detect and respond. This argues for fewer vendors with broader solutions.


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