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Can Antivirus Provide Ransomware Protection?

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Can Antivirus Provide Ransomware & Advanced Malware Protection?

Experts now claim that Next Generation Endpoint Protection is required to provide advanced malware protection and that traditional antivirus endpoint security does not work. Advanced malware like Ransomware that attack your endpoints (threats to PCs, servers and mobile devices) have evolved into rapidly changing malware threats and can shut down your business.


Let’s examine the evolution of endpoint security threats and whether updating your endpoint security beyond traditional antivirus is necessary.


The Evolution of Endpoint Security Threats

Virus-like threats have evolved from static (unchanging) attacks leveraging operating system vulnerabilities to dynamic (changing in real-time) endpoint security threats that attack vulnerabilities in applications, internet browsers and leverage your employees normal behavior. The ability to attack your computers and servers are enabled by multiple evolving improvements to cyber attacker’s methods. The chart below shows how malware attacks have evolved over time.

Endpoint Security Advanced Malware Threat Evolution

Coping with Evolving Endpoint Attack Methods

The chart below shows how attacks have evolved beyond attacking a single computers, to attacking multiple computers by spreading using your own network, the internet, and Remote control (RAT) technology. Methods have gone from static attacks that can be stopped by traditional antivirus to dynamic morphing attacks that required new Next Generation Endpoint Protection using advanced malware technology.

Evolving Endpoint Advanced Malware Attack Methods


Vulnerabilities have moved from your Windows operating system to your office applications and internet browser. Users clicking seemingly innocuous Web links and opening email attachments are  a major enabler of attacks.  As a result your employees and even your partners are becoming a focal point for criminals.

Low cost Crimeware-as-a-Service kits can be purchase over the internet on the dark Web. These kits help criminals deploy constantly changing advanced malware that can’t be caught by old signature based antivirus software.


So, what do companies need now to protect their endpoints?


Today’s Endpoint Security Objectives

Companies need to invest in solutions that provide the following endpoint protection. What used to be boring antivirus is now a fast-changing industry dedicated to real-time protection, detection, remediation and even root cause forensics. Best of all solutions are available for small, medium and large companies. Does your endpoint security have these capabilities?

  1. Generic Antivirus Protection
  2. Ransomware Protection
  3. Advanced Anti-Malware Protection to protect against dynamic threats
  4. Automatic Remediation
  5. Attack root cause analysis & forensics


“Next Generation Endpoint Protection” to Provide Advanced Malware Protection

Let’s look at how malware protection has evolved beyond traditional antivirus toward advanced malware protection and next generation endpoint protection.


The chart below speaks for itself. The threats have changed dramatically and that has caused the evolution of endpoint security to handle dynamic attacks that leverage vulnerabilities not just your operating system, but also your applications and Web browsing tools. Additionally, solutions have moved from prevention (stop it before it gets in) to prevent, detect, respond and analyze.

Next Generation Endpoint Protection to provide Advanced Malware Protection

Clearly the need to upgrade to advanced malware protection is obvious. The solutions are available for companies of all size. eSecurity Solutions is immersed in these solutions, works with leading endpoint security companies, and can help you define the right solution for your company.


Contact us now to discuss your situation and get a free consultation.


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  1. Evolution of Endpoint Threats Chart courtesy of Sophos