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  • Zero Trust Paradigm
    In the era of work from home, cloud computing, mobile devices and IoT, the network security perimeter is gradually disintegrating, and internal and external threats are intensifying, leading to the failure of the traditional perimeter-based
  • Email Security, secure email, email attacks, phishing
    Email Attacks are Still the Primary Security Attack Vector 70% of attacks on businesses are from external parties with a financially motivated goal (86% of the time). Social and malware attacks combined account for 39%
  • How do you secure this remote office - Securing Home Offices
    Increased Security Risks with Remote Workers in the “New Normal” The need to have so many employees work from home creates new security risks. These risks used to be easy to ignore when most of
  • Secure Remote workers, Secure work from home employees
    MFA (Multi-factor Auth) Solves the Biggest Work-from-Home Issue – Security   Criminals rely on log-in credential stealing as their #1 method to gain access to your systems, data and applications.    MFA (multi-factor authentication) makes
  • COVID-19 Coronavirus changing Cybersecurity
    2020 Cybersecurity Solutions Needed in a Post-Coronavirus (COVID-19) World Companies in the new post-coronavirus world order must now quickly double down on secure mobile workforce enabling solutions. 2020 security changes are being driven by: 1)
  • Security Blind Spot
    2020 Top 9 Most Ignored Security Controls Security blind spots can cause companies to ignore needed security controls. Blind spots can be caused by not adapting to a changing environment, focusing too much on old
  • Cloud application security - Cloud enabled businesses
    How much money have you spent on cloud application security?  Zero? Almost zero? Everything is moving to the cloud.  Can companies continue to ignore the fact that when your applications move to the cloud, your
  • 2020 security planning - 2020 cyber security trends
    Cyber Security Trends 2020 2020’s security threats will be driven by new technology and new attack methods that leverage that new technology.  Drivers of new attacks include more servers, applications and data in the cloud, more
  • Prevent, Detect & Respond ISMS
      Why Prevent, Detect & Respond? The security world is looking beyond security prevention alone to prevent, detect and respond solutions.  No company can prevent all security breaches, so informed companies are implementing strategies that
  • Managed Detection and Response Services (MDR)
    Managed Detection & Response Delivers   Detect and Respond is the New Security Focus Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is the latest evolution in managed security services.  It’s goal is to deliver on the need
  • Getting the Security Visibility You Need - SIEM Security Monitoring
      What is in a SIEM We hear all kinds of stories from customers regarding security monitoring. There is a ton of confusion about what SIEM (Security Information and Event Monitoring) systems are expected to
  • Managed Security Services, managed security
      Managed Security Services Managed security service providers are increasingly providing integrated security solutions that are designed to address an increasing threat landscape. By using new solutions that support monitoring, detection and response, these managed
  • Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, IaaS, Paas Security, Shared Responsibility Model for Security
      Cloud Security: Are you Ready? Companies are moving toward Cloud Computing The public cloud computing market (mostly Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure) is growing rapidly at around 25% per year. However, many obstacles exist
  • 3rd Party Risk Management - Trust but Verify
      The Need for 3rd Party Risk Management Increasing Most companies are overwhelmed with the task of trying to provide adequate security for their own company. But the requirement for you to secure your company
  • Cyber Security Regulation Changes, Cyber Security Law Changes
      2019 Security Regulation Changes – Fast and Furious In the last year, we have seen a move toward security regulation changes mandating protection of consumer personal data (broadly speaking) extending beyond “private data” to all
  • IOT Security for Office, IOT Security standards
    The need for Internet of Things security (IoT security) and IoT security standards has never been higher. IoT threats and attacks are on the rise increasing by 600% in 2017.  Recent IoT based DDoS attacks
  • Future of Cyber Security
    The Evolution & Future of Cyber Security In Part 1 of the 2019 planning series, we discussed the evolution of technology and how that has driven cyber attacks. Now we will look at the future of
  • IT technology has been driving cyber security attack trends and cyber security defenses since the 80s. The attack surface has widened every time a major new technology has been deployed.   Technology Evolution In the
  • Rise of Software Supply Chain Attacks
    Software supply chain attacks may be replacing zero-day attacks as a method to evade your security. Zero-day attacks are still on the rise, but what if there was a better way to get malware into
  • California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, CCPA, Personal Data Protection, Personal Private Data
    On June 28, 2018 the most sweeping personal privacy law (AB-375) was passed in California (the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018) also known as CCPA. A GDPR-like bill, effective January 1, 2020, the law
  • multi function authentication, Two factor authentication, 2fa, mfa
    More than 50% of cyber security breaches involve stolen login credentials, it is the #1 method used. If you asked 100 IT professionals if passwords are enough to keep your company secure probably all of
  • security strategy, security planning
      We are in the midst of a car wreck in terms of security attacks and many companies are treating their wounds with band-aids. Without a cohesive cyber security strategy to address the changing cyber
  • AI cyber security, machine learning cyber security, ai cyber attacks, Attack of the machines
    It’s coming.  The technology is proven.  The same AI cyber security technology that can be deployed to protect against the latest cyber security attacks is starting to be used to find your latest weaknesses and to
  • GDPR, GDPR Requirements, GDPR Compliance
    Here is quick summary of the EU GDPR as it applies to U.S. companies.  This article defines what it is, who it effects and how to respond to it for U.S. companies trying to cope
  • Impact of GDPR, Anonymous Web, GDPR,
    What is the EU GDPR Privacy Regulation? The EU GDPR, is a regulation that lays down rules relating to the protection of EU Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and covers the processing of personal data and
  • WordPress Security, Website Security
    WordPress now powers 30% of all websites with a 60% share of content management systems, up from 23% in 2015.  Websites are routinely attacked to infect website visitors as well to attack the companies that
  • 2018 Cyber Security Trends
    Cyber Criminals are not standing still and 2018 is rolling. What are you doing to move the ball forward in response to 2018 cyber security trends and the resulting threats? 2018 cyber security threats  require an appropriate response on how
  • HTTPS Everywhere, Website Security
    Your website is now the most important component of your marketing strategy. But are you leveraging website security to make your website more credible and trustworthy? HTTPS Everywhere and proper content development can make a
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
    SIEMs Need to Be Added to Every Serious Companies Security? Due to increasing cyber security regulations and pressure by business partners, an increasing number of companies need to add a SIEM (Security Information and Event
  • NIST 800-171 Small Business Compliance
    Deadline for NIST 800-171 Compliance is December 31st, 2017 The federal government is mandating that their partners all be compliant with NIST 800 which was originally designed for larger federal agencies.  While NIST 800-171 addresses
  • Next Generation Endpoint Security Needed for Advanced Malware
    Experts now claim that Next Generation Endpoint Protection is required to provide advanced malware protection and that traditional antivirus endpoint security does not work. Advanced malware like Ransomware that attack your endpoints (threats to PCs, servers and
  • CEO Fraud Bank Transaction, Spear Phishing
    CEO Fraud is defined as scam in which cybercriminals spoof company email accounts and impersonate executives using spear phishing to try and fool someone in your company (an employee in accounting, finance or HR) into executing
  • Office 365 Security
    You moved your email and documents to the Office 365 cloud and you assume Office 365 security is actually secure.  Out of sight, out of mind, right? Microsoft wouldn’t sell anything that was not secure, right? Secure
  • SIEM versus Unified Security Monitoring
    SIEM (Security Information and Event Monitoring) systems are a hot topic in security. More and more companies are being driven to achieve a new higher level of cybersecurity and are adopting an SIEM as a core
  • Cybersecurity News Summary
    This is the first installment of a new quarterly cybersecurity news blog on what’s going on in cybersecurity on topics that you might actually care about that can help your business.    Here are some short
  • Phishing, Social Engineering, Lacking Cyber Security Training Creates a Security Hole
    Social type cyber security attacks were utilized in 43% of breaches in 2016.  That includes, malicious emails, social Website links, and other types of attacks that lure employees to provide private data (like passwords) for
  • WannaCry Ransomware Malware
    What is WannaCry? WannaCry is an insanely fast-spreading ransomware malware worm that leverages a Windows exploit to remotely target unpatched or unprotected Windows computers.   Because WannaCry is the first ransomware worm, it can spread
  • Cybersecurity Outsourcing to get off Security Treadmill
     Are you making enough progress on your cybersecurity? Customers we talk to want to enhance their cybersecurity, but don’t have the time, resources or money.  They are constantly battling to keep up with latest threats,
  • Cloud Application Security (CASB) Devices
    I hate to get on a soap box, but most businesses are behaving as though the increased use of office cloud applications like O365, Google Docs, Box, CRM, accounting, and marketing has no effect on
  • Not upgrading your security with the latest 2017 security trends can leave you as naked and unprotected as the dinosaurs. Security solutions are moving forward rapidly to protect against the latest threats, and to enable
  • The security threatscape continues to change rapidly and so have the top security threats for 2017. Ransomware has impacted everyone we know. Our employees are proving to be our weakest security link. Data breaches are
  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
    Cybersecurity Risk assessments are essential activities performed on your company’s security infrastructure that reveal threats to key corporate assets and vulnerabilities in your current security controls. The ultimate goal of a risk assessment is to
  • Phishing Attack
    American companies and individuals paid $325 million in ransomware in 2015 and attacks are on the rise. Ransomware has been detected on 753,684 U.S. computers and is one of the biggest threats to businesses of
  • Solving the Risk Assessment Puzzle
    Cybersecurity Risk assessments are essential activities performed on your company’s security infrastructure that reveal threats to key corporate assets and vulnerabilities in your current security controls. The ultimate goal of a risk assessment is to
  • Cyber Security Business Continuity
    BC, DR, HA, Pick Your Acronym Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, High Availability, system uptime…   These are all terms that describe one of the most important needs of almost any business. Keeping your company running is one
  • Cyber Security Training for Security Weakest Link
    When it comes to your employee’s, most businesses have blind faith in their employee’s ability to screen security threats and steer clear of online danger. Studies show, though, that employees who do not have cyber
  • 10 Steps to Stronger Security
    Many companies need to ramp up your security toward the ultimate goal of strong compliance level security.  This is a natural progression of security as companies grow or become more concerned about their data, system
  • 10 Hidden Security Vulnerabilities
    Companies that get complete 3rd party security reviews develop balanced security strategies. Lack of security visibility can result in security vulnerabilities and can lead to a very imbalanced security infrastructure with over or under budget
  • Dial Up to Compliance Level Security
    Most companies are unregulated and so they often think that the requirements for high levels of security don’t apply to them. But regulations are only one reason that companies need to adopt strong security (compliance
  • Security Compliance Cost vs Benefit
    Is Security Compliance Cost Out of Your Reach? Over the years, assessing security levels and demonstrating security compliance hasn’t been a core focus for many small to mid-size service companies’. Yes, information security has always
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