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Buy Infrascale BC/DR products from a security leader. We can recommend the right backup and disaster recovery products for onsite, offsite, cloud, O365 and optionally manage your BC/DR products for you. We specialize in all things security and BC/DR is a key element of security regulations and best practices security.


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Buy Infrascale Products for Disaster Recovery

Infrascale Disaster Recovery is a hybrid cloud disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) that minimizes the repercussions of ransomware attacks, server crashes, or natural disasters. In the event of a server crash, or when a simple fire restore is needed, Infrascale Disaster Recovery lets you quickly restore files locally or from the cloud. And during times, such as natural disasters, when the primary appliance and the DR appliance are inoperable, systems in the cloud can be enabled as a temporary center of operations until the primary appliances can be brought back online. This hybrid approach allows you to turn on VMs locally or in the cloud, allowing your users to access their data and applications from a temporary production site, giving you time to fix the root issue.


Buy Infrascale Products that Provide Cloud Backup

Infrascale Cloud Backup is a single enterprise-class direct-to-cloud backup product that protects servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
Infrascale offers an enterprise cloud backup product that features Anomaly Detection, which will alert you when it detects that the the number of “new” or “changed” files changes significantly from typical levels. Anomaly Detection serves as a valuable early warning system to rapidly confine a ransomware infection and enable you to rescue important data before the entire network is frozen.


Infrascale Office 365 Backup – Cloud Application Backup

Infrascale Office 365 Backup offers a single place to manage, backup, and recover all of your data in the cloud. Infrascale Office 365 Backup and Cloud Application Backup is a cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery product that backs up changes daily from Office 365 applications to an unlimited cloud and makes that data accessible to export or restore with a single click.


Managed Disaster Recovery as a Service

Let us manage your backup and disaster recovery as part of a larger business continuity and disaster recovery initiative for your company. We can recommend the right products and then manage it for you as a complete turnkey solutions.


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