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Secure USB storage products are required to move private data from one computer to another. These devices have evolved into easy to use. eSecurity Solutions can provide secure storage drives from multiple vendors as required by our customers.

Buy Secure USB Storage Products

Apricorn is a leader in providing encrypted portable and desktop storage. From flash drives, to portable external hard drives, to stationary hard drives, Apricorn offers a range of form factors featuring industry-leading 256-bit encryption with the convenience of various methods of entry, including passcode and fingerprint. Whether you work in the government, medical field, or just want the highest level of protection for your personal data, Apricorn has the products for the job.

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Secure USB Storage – Apricorn Aegis Secure Key Flash Drives

The Aegis Secure Key line packs a ton of data security features into the smallest of form factors. Software-Free, 256-Bit AES hardware encrypted, FIPS validated, and eight storage capacities ranging from 4GB to the industry-leading 480GB.

Built tough from the inside out, the Aegis Secure Key is the most rugged encrypted device featuring IP58 certification against blowing dust and sustained water immersion. Secure Key also boasts the largest storage capacity of any device in its class. Software-Free, 100% hardware-based 256-bit AES XTS encrypted, onboard keypad PIN authenticated, and ultra-fast USB 3.1 data transfer speeds. All Data is encrypted on the fly and the device’s PINs and Data remain encrypted while the drive is at rest.

Secure USB Storage – Aegis Padlock Portables and Desktop Secure Drives

Portable, Affordable, and Reliable. The portable HDD line of Aegis Secure Drives keeps your sensitive data secure on the go, encrypting on the fly. Software-free, 256-bit AES encrypted, and USB port powered with on-board keypad or biometric authentication.

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