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SIEM Checklist: What You Need In Your Security Monitoring

SIEM Checklist

By now you probably know why even small to mid-sized companies need a security monitoring system. But do you know what your next security monitoring system should include to protect your company from potential cyber intrusion.

Traditional SIEM solutions are just not enough to protect your business. They lack important monitoring capabilities that new innovative systems like the Managed SIEM Security Monitoring Service offers to companies of any size.


SIEM Checklist: What You Need In Your Security Monitoring

Here is a Checklist of 9 things your security monitoring system should include to provide in-depth monitoring and security control integration.


1. Multi-Source SIEM Security Monitoring, Analysis, Correlation & Alerting

  • Large number of correlation rules updated daily to keep up with the changing threat landscape
  • Correlation Directives – Rules that translate raw events into specific, actionable threat information
  • Asset Discovery Signatures – detecting the latest operating systems, applications, and device information
  • Vulnerability Assessment Signatures – uncovering the latest vulnerabilities on your systems
  • Dynamic Incident Response Templates – customized guidance on how to respond to each alert
  • User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) – Look for threats and attacks from user behavior anomalies


2. Asset Management (Discover & Track PCs, Software, and software Services)

  • Monitor what is connected through your network and analyze what is running
  • Accurate list of monitored hosts or hosts that provide logs and provide an asset inventory report on a regular basis


3. Vulnerability & Threat Assessment (Current & Historical)

  • Passive and Active Network Scanning
  • Continuous vulnerability monitoring of devices on your network


5. User Behavior, User Management & Access Control

  • Monitor who is accessing what on your networks and whether they are authorized to do so
  • Monitor user’s access behavior providing a holistic picture of users’ pattern
  • Look for anomalous behavior by users or devices


6. Behavioral Monitoring & Anomaly Detection (OS Services, Net flow, NW Protocols & Packet Capture)

  • Monitor system service and network traffic so anomalies can be detected that show malicious activity in the network
  • Tools should be usable for forensics


7. Forensics (Logs, Net flow, Packets, IDS, Vulnerability Scans, Assets)

  • Ability to look back and see what was happening prior to a security incident to determine root cause
  • Have multiple sources collecting data to provide a much broader picture of what was going on than traditional SIEMs


8.Reporting (Compliance & Custom)

Compliance level custom reporting to assess and monitor ongoing activity and for presenting to management and company boards


9. Active Management

Active management from a Security partner that offers policy definition, setup, configuration, tuning, monitoring, maintenance, changes, problem analysis and support


With the constant change in technology and cyber threats, traditional SIEMs systems are not enough to protect your business. Taking an innovative approach that adds value such as the Managed SIEM Security Services provides a holistic and efficient security monitoring solution so you don’t have to worry about compliance or being the victim of hacking attacks.


eSecurity Solutions provide managed security monitoring solutions to protect your company from data breaches and ensure you are compliant with regulations. Our Managed SIEM Security monitoring solution provides your company with better security, visibility and expert partner support – all in one customizable solution.


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