Zero Trust Cloud Security

Zero Trust Security for Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud & Cloud Apps

Zero Trust Cloud Security Solutions in a Changing World

We live in a world where everything that can is moving to the cloud.

Data, servers, applications and employees all have moved to the cloud.  It is time for companies to deploy a new set of solutions to provide a Secure Service Edge (SSE).  It is time for zero trust security in an increasingly dangerous world.

Companies choose cloud infrastructures because they are faster, often less expensive (at least initially), easier to access, and always up to date. There are multiple types of cloud solutions and each has a separate set of challenges in terms of security.

Cloud Access Security Broker solutions and cloud computing security are necessary to secure applications in the cloud and cloud data centers.

Zero trust need to be deployed in all of these solutions and also to protect your employees and the data and applications they access.

Cloud-Data-Center, zero trust security

Cloud Security solutions must include:

  • Zero Trust
  • Secure Public, Hybrid and Private Cloud(AWS, Azure, Google)
  • Protecting SaaS based Cloud Applications and their Cloud Data
  • Securing Cloud Storage (e.g. Box, Dropbox)
  • Protect Remote Employees and protect your data from your employees

CASB Cloud Access Security Brokers

Protecting Cloud Application Usage
The ubiquity of cloud applications and usage in businesses of all sizes now demands that solutions like CASB (Cloud Access Security Brokers) and other cloud applications security solutions be deployed. These solutions provide the kind of security you would normally get from a firewall and endpoint anti-malware solution, but can’t get from cloud application providers:

  • Application Usage Visibility
  • Application Usage Control
  • Compliance Control (like Data Loss Prevention-DLP)
  • Data Security (Encryption)
  • Threat Prevention

Pretty much every company now uses multiple cloud applications to run their businesses. Sixty-four percent (64%) of small and medium businesses use an average of 3 cloud applications today and growing at 25% rate. Many of these applications have malware and over 90% are not enterprise ready. Applications including Office 365, Google G-Suite, CRM, accounting, Sales quoting, ERP, Operations, HR and others all are deployed from the cloud. Their data is also usually stored in the cloud. CASB solutions are required for visibility and usage controls.


casb, cloud application security broker, cloud security, zero trust

A CASB Cloud Application Risk Assessment can Reveal the Truth about your employee’s cloud usage?

  • What applications are Being Used?
  • Who is Using Them (Employees and Non-Employees)?
  • What Data from your Network is Now Stored in the Cloud?
  • Use of Cloud Storage Programs (Box, Dropbox etc)
  • What Security is in Place to:
    • Protect Applications & Data Access?
    • Protect Stored Data?

Making Cloud Application Access Easy & Secure

Additionally, do you have a single sign on authentication solution in place to make your employees experience easier and more secure? Can your organization really exist without a central solution to this rapidly growing security threat? Amazingly, there are solutions designed to solve the broad threats of cloud application usage. It can provide visibility, control and protection. We can help you choose an appropriate cloud access security solution and implement it. We can also manage your cloud application security and provide a cloud application security risk assessment.

Cloud Computing Security

Securing Data in Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud

Vendors such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure make it clear that they only provide security for the Amazon/Microsoft provided cloud infrastructure part of your virtual environment. Getting a clear definition of what they can provide outside of their infrastructure is difficult. They have a security model called the Shared Responsibility Model that defines provider and customer responsibilities as it relates to security. The best assumption is to assume you are responsible for all of your controllable infrastructure. Even where the provider indicates they have solutions that may extend to protect your environment, they will not protect your data outside of their cloud environment to your on-premise location or other 3rd party cloud applications or infrastructures.


CASB Cloud Application Security Will Become the New Antivirus

As your data silently moves out of your organization, it is time to get your arms around it. Each type of problem requires a security solution designed to solve that specific threat. Solutions like CASB need to be treated as “must have” security, the same both endpoint antivirus and firewall security. Cloud application security risks are not going away and will in fact be getting much worse until companies attack them as aggressively as they have network security risks.

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