Gov & Edu Security Compliance

Federal, State, Local and Education Regulation Compliance (NIST 800, FERPA ...)

Government Regulation Compliance- Federal, State, Local and Education

Federal, State, local and education are faced with a litany of regulations such as NIST, FERPA, CIPA, FISMA, FACT, Patriot Act etc. designed to protect personal privacy and to secure key private data. Federal regulation compliance and other government regulations don’t just apply to government agencies. Private companies that provide goods or services to government agencies are also covered by government regulations increasing the challenge of running a private business.

Federal regulation compliance uses NIST 800 as a security standard which then trickles down to non-federal organizations including small federal contractors. Non-federal organizations (who have to be compliant with NIST 800-171) are held to a very similar standard to that of large federal agencies. These private companies, that are suddenly held to a federal enterprise class standard, can get help from eSecurity Solutions to navigate the federal security management process.

Educational institutions must be compliant with regulations such as FERPA, and CIPA to protect the student’s private information. These regulations are centered around protecting students from internet threats and personal privacy.

eSecurity Solutions is an expert in security and can help you assess security risks, recommend prioritized solutions and to help implement or manage the solutions required to become compliant. We can help your company achieve federal regulation compliance or other government regulation compliance. We can right-size solutions for small as well as large companies and have done so over our long history.


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