Other Compliance Requirements

Security Compliance Level Solutions for Service & IP Companies

Other Compliance Level Solutions

There are three types of companies that focus on compliance level security:

  • Companies that are regulated by Security Regulations such as public companies (Sarbanes Oxley Act-SOX)
  • Companies whose partners are Requiring that You Become Compliant (such as customers, vendors, affiliates)
  • Companies who truly value their:
    • Intellectual Property (IP Security)
    • Business Continuity (BC & DR)
    • Digital Asset Security (Financial, Operation, HR, Engineering, or Product data)

eSecurity Solutions works with companies like this every day. We understand that there are many factors driving the need to be more secure. We understand security regulations, security standards and security theory at a deep level. Because of our long history in security, we can approach security from the top down, but customize it to the size and needs of your business. We work with small, medium and large companies and understand the needs of each.


Typical Companies who are Effected by the Need for Strong Security Include:

  • Law Firms
  • Services organizations
  • Companies Whose Partners Are Requiring their Compliance with Security Regulations
  • Intellectual Property Companies (Technology, Design, Product Companies etc.)
  • Companies Who Value Business Continuity
  • Companies who Value Financial or Operation Data
  • Companies driven by FRCP eDiscovery Requirements

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