Retail Regulation Compliance Solutions

Helping Merchants Comply with PCI DSS Regulations

Retail Regulation Compliance Solutions

Merchant PCI DSS Regulation Compliance: The retail regulation compliance (PCI DSS compliance) standard applies to all entities that store, process, and/or transmit cardholder data. It covers technical and operational system components included in or connected to cardholder data. If you are a merchant who accepts or processes payment cards, you must adhere to PCI Compliance standards. Penalties for non-compliance and breaches include fines, termination of merchant services, lawsuits and public breach disclosure.

eSecurity Solutions has extensive experience working with merchants and others who accept credit cards. We help merchants assess their security level, define necessary solutions, implement and manage security to enable PCI DSS Compliance. We can provide you with ongoing support services and also work with your merchant banks to provide them with necessary compliance paperwork.


Security Drivers

  • Credit Card Compliance
  • PCI Compliance
  • Protect privacy & security of protected Cardholder Data
  • Prevent Fines, Penalties or Loss of CCD Services
  • Maintain Strong Reputation with Customers


  • PCI Compliance
  • Personal Information Privacy Breach Laws (47 States)

Applies to:

  • Retailers
  • Ecommerce
  • Payment Processors

Key Solutions Required for Retail Regulation Compliance

  • Build and Maintain a secure network
  • Protect cardholder data
  • Maintain a vulnerability management program
  • Implement strong access control measures
  • Security Monitoring: Regularly monitor & test networks
  • Quarterly vulnerability scans
  • Maintain an information security policy
  • Annual SAQ attestation
  • Ongoing Security Management (such as Managed Security)

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