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Easy to Use Solution to Manage & Document Security Regulatory Compliance

Companies Need Purpose-Built Solution to Manage & Document Regulatory Compliance

Most organizations track compliance using a combination of spreadsheets, word processors, and Microsoft Project and share the data in file directories or using sharing software such as SharePoint. Manual tools are inefficient, error prone, costly, and do not produce easy to audit results.

For companies trying to show compliance with multiple regulations, the effort becomes increasingly unwieldy and very hard to map security controls to regulatory compliance requirements. Managing the project to attain compliance is just as disjoint.


Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance with One or More Security Regulation

Becoming compliant and documenting the results requires understanding the regulations and managing the compliance project and documenting auditable results. It is an ongoing effort that must be duplicated and updated and modified as regulations change.

If you had a tool that would automate your people and processes problem and facilitate compliance with multiple regulations your job would be amazingly simplified? Up to now, these tools were only affordable for the Fortune 500.

Now there is an Easy to Use, Affordable, Solution for Management of Regulation Compliance

The ideal solution for companies should include the following:

  • Simple, Easy to Use Cloud Based Regulatory Compliance Management Tool
    • Single Dashboard to Manage Effort
    • Ready Made Templates for HIPAA, PCI-DSS, ISO 27001, NIST, FFIEC, COSO, SANS, ACCSC or add your own
    • Delegate & Manage Compliance Tasks as a Project
    • Track Compliance Efforts, Dates, Results, Justification, Reminders
    • Audit Evidence: Link Each Regulation’s Requirement to Compliance Documentation
  • Expert Compliance Level Support Services to help You Setup, Manage and Review Your Project

eSecurity Solutions provides customers with both:

  1. An affordable, simple, cloud based compliance management tool plus
  2. Compliance support services to make your regulatory compliance project easier, faster and more accurate.

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