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Are Employees Your Weakest Security Link?

Cyber Security Training for Security Weakest Link

When it comes to your employee’s, most businesses have blind faith in their employee’s ability to screen security threats and steer clear of online danger. Studies show, though, that employees who do not have cyber security training, and not your security systems, are often the cause of security breaches.

Employees often carelessly open emails, click on links and open attachments from malicious sources. Without training, employees can also mishandle your data in emails, on mobile devices, on the internet and when using remote cloud applications. External parties can also solicit private information from your employees, using social engineering, gaining access to online bank, financial, HR or other accounts. Mishandling of passwords is another area where employees can allow access to external cybercriminals. These are just a few areas where actions by your employees can invalidate all the security that you have put in place to protect your data.


The truth, is that your employees could easily be your weakest security link. And dealing with this weakness is a lot easier than you might think and very cost effective.


Cyber security awareness training is probably the most ignored security solution for companies. And yet, cybersecurity training is essential to combat user error that puts your company at risk. It is so important that it is a requirement to be compliant with virtually every security regulation.


It’s time to get real about training your staff on how to most safely navigate the cyber universe.


Cyber Security Training is An Essential Pillar of Security

Many security breaches are caused by unintentional employee behavior. Your entire organization must be aware of what you expect from them regarding their online behavior and activity, and how to react if a threat occurs.

Cyber Security Training

Besides being part of all security compliance regulations it is an essential part of Security Best Practices. That’s because, without cyber security training, inappropriate employee behavior can render much of your security useless.


Good Cyber Security Awareness Training is Broad with Online Ease of Delivery

Cyber security training must include multiple components to get the desired results:

  1. Training must be ongoing
  2. Different levels of employees need different training
  3. Combining simulated threats with “lessons learned” training provides real world learning
  4. Online course work can effectively teach what the broader threats are and how to react
  5. Interactive training can be useful to develop team security behavior
  6. Assessment is important to measure improvement
  7. Training must be convenient or it will never get done


All Levels of Your Company should be Cyber-trained

To keep your company truly secure, everyone in your organization – from the senior staff to your newest employees – must be trained on security threats and how to respond.


How Can You Get Cyber Security Training?

Sign up for an ongoing cyber security training program. eSecurity Solutions provides a completely set of security training courses for all levels of your organization. Training course are available in online, onsite, or in-classroom environments, depending on the course.


Cyber Security Awareness Training Solutions

eSecurity Solutions employee cyber security training includes employee skills training, such as anti-phishing, data protection, social engineering, safe Web browsing, passwords and others. Management training includes security culture assessments, management team awareness, incident handling and motivational training.


Contact eSecurity Solutions to define a training curriculum for your organization that will get your team trained, assessed, and continually refreshed so that your employees do not remain your weakest security link.