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Regulation Compliance Auditing & Readiness (SOC2, HIPAA, ISO, PCI, CMMC, GLBA, NIST CIS)

Is Your Business Cybersecurity Regulation Compliant?

Uncover Hidden Cybersecurity Risks with a Cybersecurity Audit

In today’s ever-evolving threat landscape, protecting your business from cyberattacks is crucial. A single data breach can have devastating consequences, causing financial losses, reputational damage, and even legal repercussions. Regular cybersecurity auditing is a vital tool for businesses of all sizes to identify vulnerabilities, ensure regulatory compliance, and proactively strengthen their security posture.

At eSecurity Solutions, we understand the complexities of cybersecurity and the challenges faced by small and mid-sized businesses. Our comprehensive cybersecurity audits are designed to uncover hidden risks and provide actionable insights to help you achieve peace of mind and build a robust security foundation.


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Understanding Your Pain Points: The Importance of Compliance and Addressing Security Gaps

Many businesses struggle to navigate the complex world of cybersecurity regulations. Staying compliant with industry standards like CMMC, ISO 27000. SOC 2, HIPAA HITRUST CSF, NIST-CSF, GLBA, PCI, and FedRAMP can be a daunting task. Additionally, identifying and prioritizing security risks can be challenging without the proper expertise. Outdated security controls and a lack of internal resources further add to the burden of maintaining a strong security posture.

Comprehensive cybersecurity auditing from eSecurity Solutions can help you overcome these challenges. Our audits provide a detailed assessment of your cybersecurity environment, uncovering hidden vulnerabilities and security gaps. This allows you to prioritize risks, make informed decisions about security investments, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Unveiling the Benefits: What a Cybersecurity Audit Can Do for Your Business

A cybersecurity audit is an investment in the future of your business. By proactively identifying and addressing security weaknesses, you can significantly reduce your risk of cyberattacks. This translates to improved business continuity, reduced downtime, and enhanced operational efficiency. Furthermore, a strong cybersecurity posture fosters trust among employees and customers, demonstrating your commitment to data privacy and security.

At eSecurity Solutions, we go beyond simply checking the box for compliance. Our experienced auditors take the time to understand your unique business environment and tailor the audit process to meet your specific needs. We deliver comprehensive reports that not only identify vulnerabilities but also provide actionable recommendations and a clear roadmap for improvement. With over 20 years of experience, we have a proven track record of helping businesses achieve their cybersecurity goals.


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Taking Action: Get Started with Your Cybersecurity Audit Today

Don’t wait for a cyberattack to occur before taking action. Take a proactive approach to cybersecurity and schedule a free consultation with one of our cybersecurity experts today.

We will discuss your specific needs and concerns and explain how our comprehensive cybersecurity auditing can help you achieve:

• Compliance with industry regulations

• Meet customer requirements for compliance

• Reduced risk of cyberattacks

• Improved business continuity and resilience

• Enhanced employee confidence and trust

• Demonstrated commitment to data security and customer privacy

• Potential cost savings by preventing costly data breaches and downtime


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We can help in all the following compliance auditing, readiness and certification Areas

We are a single-source cybersecurity solution company that provides full-service cybersecurity auditing, readiness & certification solutions for companies that need to be regulatory compliant. For those customers, we provide cyber security compliance consulting services that assess, define compliance gaps, enable security compliance management, tracking and proof of compliance.


Security Auditing, Readiness and Certification Services

Compliance Auditing, Readiness & Certification
Regulatory Readiness Assessments


Regulation Certification

SOC 2 Reports, ISO 27001, HITRUST (1 & 2Yr), PCI QSA, FedRAMP, CMMC

Cyber Insurance Compliance

Our cybersecurity Regulatory Compliance Consulting services help clients identify & prioritize security vulnerabilities and assess risks. Our services enable compliance with PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, GDPR, NYDFSISO 27000 compliance, and other security compliance mandates more efficiently and effectively, devise security and governance programs that fit a client’s environment, and help them recover from and prepare for a cyber security breach.

For customers that do not need to be regulation compliance and have “best practices security” as their standard, we provide CIS best practices type cybersecurity gap analysis’ with gap prioritization, prioritized solutions and a security roadmap so that customers can allocate security resources over time on the security solutions that provide them the best, most optimized security possible.

Compliance Auditing & Readiness Assessments

Our cyber security auditors will provide a complete cybersecurity audit, compliance audit, and compliance readiness assessment to uncover weaknesses and security gaps in your cybersecurity.  With more than 20 years’ experience, we are experts in IT security audits. We can provide customers with CMMC audits, ISO 27000 audits. SOC-2 audits, HIPAA audits, NIST-CSF audits, GLBA audits, PCI-DSS audits, CIS best practices audits and more. Our compliance audit process provides customers with a security management platform that they can use to document their compliance journey and demonstrate their compliance. Our security auditing provides the basis for regulation compliance certification when required by customers.

• Review your Security Goals, Objectives and Compliance Requirements

• Understand your current security controls

• Review your security controls versus the target regulation’s requirements

• Run additional cybersecurity assessment tests as required to provide a complete picture

• Assess your cybersecurity framework maturity level

• Define the impact of vulnerabilities and probably and impact of Attack

• Define your security gaps & prioritize

• Define prioritized security solutions

• Document results and recommendations

Following your risk assessment, we can define next steps including regulation certification, implementation steps, defining a cybersecurity roadmap of solutions, providing solutions for security products, managed security or GRC services.

Regulation Compliance Certification & Attestation

When customers require more than regulatory compliance readiness assessments for CMMC, ISO 27000. SOC 2, HIPAA HITRUST CSF, NIST-CSF, GLBA, PCI, FedRAMP. We can provide security compliance certification, attestation, and reports for cybersecurity regulation such as SOC 2 Reports, ISO 27001 certification, HITRUST certifications, PCI QSA assessments, FedRAMP certification and CMMC certifications. When getting advanced security certifications is required, we can provide complete end to end solutions from compliance audits to compliance certifications.

Cyber Insurance Compliance

The market for cyber security insurance is expected to grow by over 20% per year through 2031. The percent of companies that currently own cyber security insurance varies by size of company, but the number has increased from 26% to 47% recently. Claims by companies to cyber insurance companies has grown so much that insurance companies are fighting to remain profitable.  To solve this problem cyber insurance companies are increasing rates, reducing coverage and continuing to increasing cyber insurance requirements for customers to obtain this coverage. As a result companies are having to treat cyber insurance the same as security regulation in terms of increasing their security to cybersecurity regulation levels.

eSecurity Solutions can:

• Help you interpret cyber insurance compliance requirements

• Identify gaps in your security to make you cyber insurance compliant

• Provide you with the right cyber security products, policies, procedures, and services to get you compliant

• Help you maintain your compliance over time

• Managed security products or provide cybersecurity monitoring to manage, detect & respond to attacks


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Let’s Get you Regulation Compliant

Let us help you achieve cybersecurity regulation compliance with a security audit or readiness assessment and certification. We will help you to assess, define prioritized gaps, prioritize solutions, and to manage your security maturity process. We will help you document and demonstrate compliance as well.

we understand that every organization is different and work with our clients to ensure we implement the right regulatory compliance services and cybersecurity solutions. We offer our compliance GRC services as project-based or  managed compliance services that will develop and maintain your security program based on the standards defined by legal mandates, customer requirements, contractual obligations, and internal policies and standards.


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