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eSecurity Solutions provides Governance, Regulation and Compliance (GRC) services to assess risk and vulnerabilities, prepare for and certify compliance readiness, and provide incidence response planning and response capabilities.

Our cybersecurity GRC services assess security gaps, prioritize solutions, and deliver customized security roadmaps for our customers that enable long-term priority-based cybersecurity planning.


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Four Cybersecurity GRC Service Solutions Areas


Cybersecurity Risk Assessments & TestingBest Practices Prioritized Gap AnalysisCompliance Auditing, Readiness & CertificationCustom Security Services
Red Team

Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Scanning

Configuration Assessment

Wireless Security

IoT Testing

Social Engineering Tests

3rd Pty Risk Management

CIS Assessment

Security Roadmaps

Plans that Define, Implement & Manage Prioritized Solutions 

Regulatory Readiness Assessments


Regulation Certification

SOC 2 Reports, ISO 27001, HITRUST (1 & 2Yr), PCI QSA, FedRAMP, CMMC

Cyber Insurance Compliance

Virtual VCISO

Planning, Compliance. Governance,  Security

Incidence Response

IR Plan, IR Team (IRaaS), Breach Response

Policies & Procedures


Cybersecurity Risk Assessments & Testing GRC Services

Our cyber risk security assessment services will provide a comprehensive risk, threat, and vulnerability assessment to ensure your organization’s security. Our suite of cyber security assessment services looks at security from every angle to mitigate risks from data and the physical environment to the human element and the role of technology.

Our cybersecurity assessment & IT security risk assessment services analyze and address the causes and risk factors of known security gaps in a company’s technology infrastructures and employee training.


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Red Team Services

Our Red Team cybersecurity services provide comprehensive threat and vulnerability/penetration assessment by simulating a cyber-attack on your organization. Red Team Assessment Services assists organizations in assessing threats, protecting critical assets, and responding to cyber-attacks. Red Team services achieve a clear understanding of your vulnerabilities and risks. We go beyond basic penetration testing to provide in-depth simulated attacks. With our red team, we perform Application Penetration Testing, Network Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Testing, Phishing Testing, and Social Engineering to find the weak spots in your critical assets/employees and recommend corrective action before attackers exploit them, sabotage your business, or steal your confidential data.


Penetration Testing Services

Penetration testing services, also known as pen testing, is an ethical cyber security assessment method aimed at identifying and safely exploiting vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications, and websites. Using the tools and techniques used by real cyber adversaries, penetration testing companies can accurately duplicate the conditions of a genuine attack, providing valuable insights for remediation. A penetration testing service enables organizations to reduce security risk and provide assurance into the security of their IT infrastructure, by mitigating weaknesses before they can be exploited. We provide multiple types of penetration to address various customer needs. These include network penetration testing (both internal and external), web application penetration testing, as well as basic vulnerability scanning.


Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability assessment services identify security holes and security threats in a company’s infrastructures.  Vulnerability scanning services assess vulnerabilities on servers, clients, IoTs, and security control products. While the term vulnerability assessment includes penetration testing services, tools like Nessus scanners are used in addition to other tools to assess vulnerable IT systems of all types.

We perform all types of vulnerability assessments, including core system security, security device assessments, application security assessments, Phishing assessments and penetration testing. We can find the weak spots in your critical assets and take corrective action before attackers exploit them to sabotage your business or steal your confidential data.


Configuration Assessments

Cybersecurity configuration assessments analyze your security to determine if there are cybersecurity misconfiguration errors and significantly weaken your security posture. Security configuration assessments can examine your PCs, server configurations, cloud security configurations, security product configurations such as endpoint or EDR configuration assessments, firewall security assessments, and more. Cybersecurity misconfiguration errors are the cause of a high percentage of security vulnerabilities, and catching these errors often requires a 3rd party to examine security configurations for unknown vulnerabilities.


Wireless Security Assessments

Corporate wireless (WiFi) security is becoming increasingly important to companies.  With increased speeds and convenience, many companies have moved to 100% wireless network installations.  Wireless WiFi networks open up companies to breaches caused by wireless WiFi vulnerabilities that are exploited using simple breach tools. WiFi security assessments can uncover WiFi security vulnerabilities caused by access point or mobile device misconfiguration or WiFi access point vulnerabilities. Our wireless security assessments examine the security of the wireless topology/design, wireless access points, clients, and mobile devices.


IoT Security Assessments

IoT security assessment services help enterprises and technology visionaries accelerate their IoT initiatives by enabling testing of the newest use cases under real-life conditions. Internet of Things (IoT) revenue currently comes from manufacturing, transportation, smart cities, and consumer applications. IoT has constantly been reshaping product design, customer engagement, decision-making, marketing strategies, and the after-sales of organizations.


Social Engineering Testing

Social engineering is one of the key ways attackers can gain access to information about your organization. Social Engineering attacks can circumvent security from one employee or IT staff mistake. Social engineering testing simulates a targeted attack on employees and/or facilities, attempting to compromise your organization’s information security program by exploiting the human element or a physical security vulnerability. The social engineering test exercises are based on actual attack methods used by malicious actors, such as phishing, spear phishing, vishing, pretexting, impersonation, baiting, quid pro quo, tailgating, diversion, lock picking, and RFID badge cloning.


3rd Party Risk Management Services

Third-party risk management (TPRM) services provide compliance with security regulations requiring third-party risk management. We provide an end-to-end managed service that streamlines the entire TPRM process, from third-party engagement and selection through contracting negotiations and ongoing monitoring. Third-party risk management requires ongoing third-party risk assessments, remediation, tracking, and management. Our comprehensive vendor/partner risk management service addresses 3rd party compliance on an enterprise-wide basis. Our 3rd party risk management approach considers the people, processes, and systems of third-party service providers that support and deliver information technology services to your organization.


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Cybersecurity GRC Services for Auditing, Readiness & Certification

eSecurity Solutions is a single-source cybersecurity solution company that provides full-service cybersecurity auditing, readiness & certification solutions for companies that need to be regulatory compliant. For those customers, we provide cyber security compliance consulting services that assess and define compliance gaps, enable security compliance management, tracking and proof of compliance.

Our IT Regulatory Compliance Consulting services help clients identify vulnerabilities and assess real business risks, meet PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, GDPR, NYDFSISO 27000 compliance, and other security compliance mandates more efficiently and effectively, devise security and governance programs that fit a client’s environment, and help them recover from and prepare for a cyber security breach.

For customers who want or need to be secure but have “best practices security” as their standard, we provide CIS best practices type cybersecurity gap analysis with gap prioritization, prioritized solutions, and a security roadmap so that customers can allocate security resources over time to the security solutions that provide them with the best, most optimized security possible.

Let us help you achieve IT compliance or best practices security; we understand that every organization is different and work with our clients to ensure we implement the right regulatory compliance services and cybersecurity solutions. Our managed compliance services will develop and maintain your security program based on the standards defined by legal mandates, customer requirements, contractual obligations, and internal policies and standards.


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Compliance Auditing Readiness Assessment GRC Services

Our cyber security auditors will provide a complete cybersecurity audit, compliance audit, and compliance readiness assessment to uncover weaknesses and security gaps in your cybersecurity.  With more than 20 years of experience, we are experts in IT security audits. We can provide customers with CMMC audits,  ISO 27000 audits. SOC-2 audits, HIPAA audits, NIST-CSF audits, GLBA audits, PCI-DSS audits, CIS best practices audits and more. Our compliance audit process provides customers with a security management platform that they can use to document their compliance journey and demonstrate their compliance. Our security auditing provides the basis for regulation compliance certification when required by customers.

Regulation Compliance Certification & Attestation

When customers require more than regulatory compliance readiness assessments for CMMC, ISO 27000. SOC 2, HIPAA HITRUST CSF, NIST-CSF, GLBA, PCI, FedRAMP. We can provide security compliance certification, attestation, and reports for cybersecurity regulations such as SOC 2 Reports, ISO 27001 certification, HITRUST certifications, PCI QSA assessments, FedRAMP certification, and CMMC certifications. When getting advanced security certifications is required, we can provide complete end-to-end solutions from compliance audits to compliance certifications.

Security Best Practice Gap Analysis – GRC Services

Not all companies need to be cybersecurity regulation compliant, but all companies need security that meets “best practices security” standards.  For most small to mid-sized companies like this, a security gap analysis against the CIS Controls security standard will provide good insight into their security posture. CIS Controls a prescriptive, prioritized, and simplified set of best practices that you can use to strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

We provide companies with cost-effective IT cybersecurity gap analyses that define their prioritized security gaps and necessary solutions. A gap analysis will ultimately help them define a cybersecurity roadmap for evolving their security over time.

Security Roadmaps

Companies need “cybersecurity roadmaps” to define their cybersecurity path forward over time. Operating without a cybersecurity plan leads to security gaps, inappropriate security infrastructures, and overspending on the wrong security. Both best-practices security gap analysis and regulatory readiness assessments evaluate your security objectives and current controls and define your security gaps and necessary solutions. Once you know what your most important security solutions are, you can define a security roadmap to acquire, implement, and manage your security. Now you know best to use your security budget and can define a timeline to increase your cybersecurity posture.

Cyber Insurance Compliance

Cyber insurance companies are losing money due to increased claims. As a result, they are implementing cost (risk) containment measures and raising rates that have already skyrocketed.

The demand for cyber security insurance has surged as companies try to reduce corporate risk, but the requirements to qualify for cyber insurance continue to rise as cyber insurance companies continue to reduce their risks and costs.

We help our customers in multiple ways to deal with cyber insurance 1) to help companies understand cyber insurance qualification requirements,2) to assess their own cyber security profiles,3) to define security gaps necessary to qualify for insurance, 4) to implement and manage required security solutions so they comply and remain cyber insurance compliant and 5) to fill out and respond to cyber insurance questionnaires.


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Custom GRC Services

We provide custom cybersecurity GRC services to support our customer’s GRC compliance needs before, during, and after security compliance audits and best practices gap analysis projects. Our expert GRC team can be used to augment your internal security team.


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Virtual CISO (vCISO)

We provide organizations that require an experienced CISO with a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) and a team to drive critical initiatives and oversee an entire security program as well as the technologies required to protect the organization and its customers from modern security threats while meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

We provide certified virtual CISOs and dedicated expert support as part of your team, saving you time and money on hiring security talent. Our team can also increase your program maturity in the following areas: program development, policies and standards, compliance, governance, and security.

Incidence Response

eSecurity Solutions cyber incident response services provide security breach response, incident remediation, and forensics services. Our Incident Response services consultants can assist with forensic, cyber security risk mitigation, threat intelligence, threat hunting, and compliance efforts. Our incident response experts have handled thousands of cyber incident responses and data and breach Incident management and provided court-accepted forensics services.

Cyber incident response services and remediation services identify intrusions and eliminate security breaches. With eSecurity Solutions’ incident response service, you gain experts who can help reduce incident response times, minimize breach impact, and help your organization recover rapidly.

Policies & Procedures

A key part of cybersecurity compliance and part of every security regulation is the need to have documented cybersecurity policies and procedures.  In addition to providing cybersecurity auditing, gap analysis, readiness assessments & compliance certification, we help customer implement and maintain their regulation compliance. We do this by providing security products, managed security, and GRC services like vCISO, incident response services, and policies and procedures. Many companies do not have the bandwidth to develop their policies and procedures which are mandated by most security regulations.

Other Services

eSecurity Solutions provides a variety of other cybersecurity services to help our customers assess risk, attain regulation compliance, manage security, and increase the security of the controls they have in place. These cyber security services include things like security misconfiguration reviews, security product configuration, cloud security services, security infrastructure migration, cybersecurity remediation services, etc.


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