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Feeling overwhelmed by cybersecurity alerts? You’re not alone. The growing complexity of the cybersecurity landscape puts a significant strain on IT teams, especially in sWhy outsource managed security servicesmall and mid-sized businesses with limited resources. Keeping up with the latest threats, managing security tools, and responding to security incidents can be a constant battle. Managed cybersecurity services might be the answer.

Companies decide to outsource cybersecurity services to managed security service providers to address several concerns. Some of the top reasons to outsource security management include: 1) to increase the company’s focus on its top operational priorities, 2) to comply with security regulations, 3) to increase security by leveraging dedicated security staff, and also 4) to decrease the overall cost of providing a high level of security to their company.

But there’s a solution. A managed security service provider like eSecurity Solutions can help you take control of your security posture and free up your IT staff to focus on core business functions.


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How Managed Security Services Benefit Your Business

eSecurity Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of managed cybersecurity services designed to address your needs.

Here’s How a Managed Security Service Provider Like Us Can Help:

  • Reduced Alert Fatigue: Our team of security specialists will continuously monitor your network, analyze security alerts, and identify true threats. This allows your IT staff to focus on core business functions, even with a small or overwhelmed team.
  • Enhanced Threat Detection: We leverage advanced security tools and our expertise to identify sophisticated threats that may slip through the cracks of traditional security solutions. This extra layer of protection is crucial for SMBs who may not have the resources to invest in top-tier security solutions on their own.
  • 24/7 Security Monitoring: We provide round-the-clock monitoring of your network, ensuring your business is protected even when your IT staff is offline. This gives SMBs peace of mind without investing in large internal security teams.
  • Improved Response Times: Our team is trained to respond quickly and effectively to security incidents, minimizing downtime and damage. This is critical for SMBs who can’t afford disruptions to their business operations.


Meeting Your Budget Needs

We understand that budget is a major concern for smaller companies. That’s why we offer cost-effective enterprise-level managed security services that fit within your budget. We offer flexible pricing structures with options to scale services as your business grows.

The ROI of Managed Security Services

Managed security services are an investment in the security of your business. Here’s how they can help SMBs save money in the long run:

Reduce the risk of costly cyberattacks and data breaches.

Minimize downtime and lost productivity from security incidents.

Free up IT staff to focus on core business functions.

Help achieve compliance with industry regulations.


In-House vs. Outsourced Cybersecurity

Deciding whether to manage cybersecurity in-house or outsource to a managed security provider can be a challenge for SMBs. Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons:

In-House Cybersecurity

Pros: You have complete control over your security posture.

Cons: Requires significant investment in security tools and expertise. May be difficult to find and retain qualified security staff, especially for SMBs.

Outsourced Cybersecurity (Managed Security Services)

Pros: Provides access to advanced security expertise, 24/7 monitoring, and cost-effective solutions. Frees up IT staff to focus on core business functions.

Cons: Requires some relinquishing of control over your security posture.


Taking Control of Your Cybersecurity by Outsourcing to a Security Services Provider

Neglecting cybersecurity can have devastating consequences for your business. A proactive approach is essential, especially for SMBs with limited resources. Managed security services from eSecurity Solutions can be the answer.

Outsourcing your complex security management to an expert-managed cybersecurity service provider can be a great idea for companies. We provide customers with fully managed security that defines, implements, monitors and manages your complex security. eSecurity Solutions provides compliance-level managed services solutions for all major compliance areas. Use us to securely manage all your complex security products.

The need for outsourced security is great because of the shortage of experienced security people. It is forecasted that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally in the next year. Almost 60% of CISOs believe that trying to staff their own cyber team will continue to get more difficult.

In the 21st century, companies need to be regulation-compliant and upgrade their security to detect and respond to inevitable security attacks. They also need expert partners who can provide guidance and support. As a result, many companies are moving to outsourced security.


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Three Types of
Managed Cybersecurity Services


Security Management Value Pyramid, MDR, Managed SIEM, managed detection and response

1. The most valuable single solution is MDR using a Managed SIEM. A Managed SIEM monitors ALL your security and key IT (servers, network, clients, M365).  It provides real-time monitoring, correlation, AI analysis, threat hunting, alerting, and remediation enablement. A managed SIEM complements individual product management for a complete solution.

2. MDR (Managed Detection and Response) services generally refer to a more in-depth management of products with the ability to monitor, detect, and respond to threats and attacks.

These solutions ONLY provide detection & response for the products that are managed and thus have improved security but are not able to leverage security information and events from your entire security and IT stack. Thus, while important, MDR product solutions are not sufficient security management solutions by themselves.

Security product vendors often offer some type of MDR management for their specific products or their XDR products. But, they are not complete solutions for security management by themselves.

3. The most basic managed security is managing individual security products or security controls. These managed product services offload the basic policy definition, configuration, management, adjustments, maintenance, and event/ alert management, but need to be supplemented by MDR services.

Full Stack Managed Security Service Provider Services for your Business

eSecurity Solutions provides One-stop cybersecurity solutions, including GRC security audits, readiness assessments, risk assessments, enterprise-level security products, and managed cybersecurity services.

We provide these solutions to address the top customer problems of regulation compliance, cyber insurance, and the desire to meet best-practice security standards. Our customers also need to monitor and detect threats to respond to them and need expert security guidance and support.


Therefore, our managed security service provider solutions start with apex-level Managed Detection and Response (MDR). With this managed security service, customers get an integrated managed 24×7 solution that monitors, detects, and responds to threats and attacks within your entire security and core IT infrastructure.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Solution Diagram, Managed Security Services

MDR for Detect & Respond Products

We also offer MDR services for security products that provide detect and respond security, such as EDR (endpoint detection & response) and NDR (network detection & response) products.  These provide managed security, security monitoring, attack detection, and response capabilities for the product being managed, but security monitoring is limited to the scope of those security products.  For instance, EDR solutions only provide monitoring, detection, and forensics for the endpoints, whereas an MDR SOC using a SIEM monitors ALL security and all core IT and correlates all that data for a much bigger threat picture.

Managed Security for All Other Products

We also provide managed security services for a large variety of security products like managed EDR, managed firewalls, managed cloud security, managed MFA, managed email, etc. This can offload these tasks from customers and, when included in a managed security bundle, allows us to provide a more cohesive security management solution for our customers.

These services include:

Managed Firewall Security: Our managed firewall security service ensures no configuration errors, high security and high throughput.

Managed Cloud Security: Managing CASB, FWaaS, WebaaS, Cloud server security, and access control is complex and needs to be zero trust.

Managed Zero Trust: Zero trust security applies to a broad range of security.  Managing zero trust as a standard is something we are experts at.

Managed Pen Testing & Vulnerability Scanning: We can manage your cybersecurity assessments and testing as a service.

Managed Email Security: Email security is highly important as is email security redundancy to prevent email attacks (BECs). We can help.

Security Awareness Training: We offer managed security awareness training to help your employees identify and avoid cybersecurity threats.

Integration with Existing Security Solutions

We understand that many companies already have certain security solutions in place. Our managed security services are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing tools to avoid disruption and maximize your value proposition. We have experience integrating with popular security solutions commonly used by SMBs.

Designed for All Companies

Our solutions are tailored to companies of all sizes, with affordable solutions that scale down without sacrificing effectiveness. We have been in the security business for 20 years focused on serving companies of all sizes with the best security available.

Because we are Cyber Security Experts, we can manage your security faster and more effectively. We know how to keep security products appropriately configured and how to keep the solutions up-to-date and functional. By utilizing our services, we take the pain of defining, configuring, tuning, monitoring, and maintaining complex cybersecurity solutions off your shoulders so that you can focus on other more pressing needs. Let us be your Security Service Provider.


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Check out Our Broad Line of Managed Cybersecurity Services

GRC ServicesManaged Cybersecurity ServicesCustom Cybersecurity Services

Best Practices Prioritized Gap Analysis

Compliance Auditing, Readiness


Compliance Certifications

SOC 2 Reports, ISO 27001, HITRUST (1 & 2Yr), PCI QSA, FedRAMP, CMMC

Regulatory Compliance Consulting

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments & Testing

Penetration Testing




Managed Firewalls & WiFi

Managed EDR & Endpoint

Managed Cloud Security 

Managed Zero Trust

Managed Dark Web Security

Managed Phishing & SAT

Identity as a Service (MFA, ID-aaS)

Managed Email Security

Managed Backup and DR


Virtual VCISO

Planning, Compliance. Governance, Security

Incidence Response

IR Plan, IR Team (IRaaS), Breach Response

Policies & Procedures

What Do You Get with our MSSP Managed Cybersecurity Service Provider Solutions?

Our managed security service provider solutions start with understanding your business requirements and then defining the appropriate policies that enable your security products to be most effective. We then securely configure your security solutions to match your organization’s requirements and any necessary compliance regulations. Although, it does not stop there. Our security experts continually test, adjust, monitoring, update, maintain and support your security products day in and day out. Now, can focus on other key areas of your business while relying on experts to keep your system secure.

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