Managed Awareness Training & Phishing

Protect Your Most Vulnerable Asset - Your Employees

What Problem Will We Solve for You?

Configuration and ongoing management can be a challenge for training systems. A managed security awareness training and phishing simulation program helps train employees to avoid security threats like phishing and vishing. This training requires monthly or weekly actions to obtain proper results.

We will set up and manage your training and testing system to give you the best results without having to learn and continually manage the underlying systems. You will receive reports and oversee the ongoing program and tests delivered to achieve maximum results. You will be able to monitor your company’s human capital security readiness, measure improvements, and identify groups of people who need more help to reach your security goals.


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What We Will Do in Your Managed Security Awareness Training Program

  • Set up Your Test Sections
    • Awareness Training Program
    • Phishing Simulations
    • Vishing Tests
  • Work with You to Configure Your Antivirus, Email Spam and Gateway Firewalls to Allow Phishing Simulation Traffic
  • Define User Groups and Tests Assigned to Each Group
  • Select Supportive Collateral to Be used by Your Organization
  • Define Which Template Libraries to Use for Your Phishing Emails. Emails Can be delivered Randomly from a Large Library of Choices.
  • Review Reports to be Provided to Measure Progress

  • Reporting
  • Send Educational Collateral to your Teams and Update when Available
  • Identify People Who need Additional Training & Schedule Courses
  • We will Notify you of Important Updates to Course Material as It Becomes Available by email.
  • Deliver Standard Reports on Status and Progress of your Groups Security Readiness
  • Update Course Material as it Becomes Available and Make It Available to Your Team.
  • Review Whether Last Year’s Phishing Emails delivered the Desired Results
  • Update and Revise your Program to Adjust to your Teams Readiness
  • Update Course Material & Template Selection Methods and Discuss Changes for Your Team

Managed Security
Awareness & Phishing

We have a complete line of security-managed services that offload the burden of staffing, training, ongoing management, reporting, and onsite infrastructure requirements to the eSecurity Solutions managed services team. Plus we provide expert compliance-level resources to guide you through the ongoing challenge of maintaining a secure environment or of achieving and maintaining a regulation-compliant company.


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