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What is Managed EDR?

A Managed EDR (Managed Endpoint Detection and Response Services) from eSecurity Solutions can provide full management, monitoring, detection and response for your endpoint security or can be obtained as part of a larger Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution. Detect and respond security is now a requirement for strong security. By combining managed EDR services with managed NDR and a MDR SIEM you can have a full suite of detection and response solutions to enable cybersecurity regulation compliance, cyber insurance compliance or the highest possible best practices security. 

eSecurity Solutions can help define, acquire, implement, and manage cybersecurity solutions for your business.

What is EDR and Why Do You Need It

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) is an enhanced version of endpoint security that does not just attempt to prevent attacks, but also monitors for anomalous or threatening behavior, detects attacks and enable both forensics and informed remediation (response). Most EDR security solutions utilize AI and machine learning (ML) to detect threats and attacks.  When detected, forensic analysis can be done using the EDR tool. Threat hunting is also enabled to define root cause and isolate the attack and the affected endpoints. It is important to note that basic endpoint security is no longer adequate for endpoint security for companies that truly care about security.  These solution focus on protecting, but not detecting the inevitable breaches. 

APT Attack Cycle

Why Companies Need a Strong Endpoint Security Solution

Modern cyber-attacks are sophisticated. Most are multi-stage attacks known as advanced persistent threats (APTs).  These at attacks can linger inside your IT systems for months unless detected with modern detection and response solutions. Your endpoint security is the last line of defense for advanced malware, ransomware, file-less malware and zero-day attacks on your clients and servers. 

Zero Day Attacks, Ransomware & APTs

Zero-day attacks can be prevented with a managed EDR solution. With multiple zero-day attacks launched each year, users need real-time protection that relies on behavioral analysis, reputation analysis, and knowledge of in-the-wire exploits. Ransomware is on the rise and affects all company sizes and almost every company. Advanced persistent threats leverage weak desktop and server protection to steal data stealthily. Strong endpoint security like EDR is a necessity, and a managed endpoint solution is actively managed for better protection. 

How EDR Prevents, Detects and Responds to Attacks

EDR solutions utilize core endpoint security features and then add the ability to monitor endpoint security in real-time, detect anomalous threats, analyze the attacks, and then contain attacks. Once discovered, security analysts can do threat hunting looking for the root cause and provide complete forensic analysis discovering the complete attack chain. 

Remediation becomes much easier when you fully understand how attacks occurred and how far those attacks have progressed. Compliance level reporting is also available showing attacks that are blocked, detected, and remediated and forensic data. Satisfying protect, detect, monitoring and response requirements in security regulations

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Benefits of Managed EDR Services and Managed Security

The benefits of managed EDR services are the same as with managed security overall.  

• Offload key IT resources to work on other company specific projects

• Reduce overall security costs by reducing training and no need for 24×7 staff

• Better security, staffed 24×7 with security staff expert on each security solution managed

• Ability to monitor, analyze, provide forensics, and provide big picture remediation recommendations

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Managed EDR Services and Why Companies Need It

Modern EDR security solutions are complicated. Defining the necessary security policies for your company are step one. Installing, configuring and maintaining can also be time consuming and if misconfigured, might leave unexpected security holes.

EDR security also requires active monitoring, analysis of threats and swift action to block and remediate when attacks are found. Like other detect and respond security, if security is not monitored and acted on, there is no value obtained from the advanced endpoint security. Managed EDR services solve this problem.

Managed EDR was Part of a Larger Managed Security Solution 

The most valuable MDR solution is a Managed SIEM. A Managed SIEM monitors ALL your security and key IT (servers, network, clients, M365). It provides real-time monitoring, correlation, AI analysis, threat hunting, alerting, and remediation enablement.

MDR Pyramid, Managed detection & response pyramid

Security Control-Level MDR Solutions

Managed Products with MDR add managed detection and response to traditional managed security. Products like EDR, NDR are examples of individual security controls that have added detection and response. Managed EDR security enables companies to have advanced detect and respond security without the headaches of managing, monitoring and analyzing.

eSecurity Solutions Managed Security Stack Can Offer It All

eSecurity Solution’s 24×7 managed security services are built to integrate your stack of security & IT solutions with our security management, providing a customized security MDR solution. It starts with our Managed SIEM-SOC to provide Advanced MDR for all your security infrastructure. Our SIEM-SOC provides incident detection & response by monitoring all security and key IT for a true APEX MDR solution. Then add your managed security solutions individually or together for a fully managed solution.

One stop cybersecucrity

eSecurity Solutions Your One-Stop Cybersecurity Partner 

At eSecurity Solutions, we excel in delivering holistic cybersecurity solutions customized to suit businesses of all sizes. Specializing in compliance-level security risk assessment, we offer a spectrum of services, including managed security and top-tier security products from industry-leading vendors. With our expertise in Managed EDR security services, we cover all vital security controls, alleviating the responsibility of managing security for cloud, endpoint, access control, network, and security monitoring. This allows you to concentrate fully on advancing your business objectives.

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eSecurity Solutions can assist in defining, acquiring, implementing, and managing your business’s cybersecurity solutions.

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