Managed Firewalls

An Improperly Configured Firewall Provides Almost No Protection

Managed Firewall Services

Firewalls are the first line of defense against these threats and properly managed firewalls protect better. Most employees spend much of their day accessing the Internet, sending and receiving emails, and accessing cloud-based applications. The Internet and emails both frequently contain malicious Web links that harbor malicious code, allowing others to access your data. eSecurity Solutions Managed Firewall Services will ensure that your firewall is set up properly, maintained, and monitored.

A properly set up firewall can provide strong security and optimize your internet performance. Using a security expert to define policies, set up appropriate firewall rules, and maintain it is a must. eSecurity Solutions is there to help you define secure policies, and then configure, monitor, and maintain your firewall so that it remains secure even as your company changes. An improperly set up firewall provides a false sense of security.


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Managed Firewall Services

Firewalls protect against threats and can provide companies with cost savings by helping employees to be more productive. Firewalls also are required to comply with security regulations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, and state-based personal privacy laws. A firewall’s primary purpose is to block traffic that is not authorized and therefore a potential threat. But beyond that, firewalls can block threats through the usage of Unified Threat Management (UTM).

Surprisingly, employee productivity can also be enhanced by current generation UTM firewalls. In addition to blocking access to unwanted Websites (such as pornography, job sites, and entertainment), it is possible to monitor, block and report on access to undesirable Web applications. Application control features, control access to streaming video, music, game sites, peer-peer networking, file sharing, downloads, and other Web services. Companies can also control internet bandwidth usage reducing ISP costs and increasing productivity for all other users. User control features reduce corporate liability for employee activity.

Managed Firewalls –
What we Do for You

  • Joint Planning
  • Secure Firewall Policy Creation
  • Firewall Configuration & Testing
  • Next Gen Firewall Feature Setup & Management
  • 24×7 Firewall Monitoring & Alerting
  • Ongoing Firewall Security Tuning
  • Firewall Configuration Changes
  • Firewall Maintenance Updates
  • Firewall Compliance Level Reporting
  • Firewall Disaster Recovery
  • Troubleshooting & Support

Why Do you need a Managed
Firewall Service?

  • Keep Your Internet Gateway Secure
  • Provide 24×7 Secure Firewall Monitoring
  • High Availability, Secure VPNs & WiFi, User & App. Control
  • Customize Security for your Network & Usage
  • Increase Employee Productivity
  • Enhance Internet Performance
  • Protect Data from External Hackers
  • Protect Employees from Malware & Phishing
  • Expert Security Support
  • Ongoing Adjustments, Maintenance & Support
  • Peace of Mind

Customizing a
Solution for You

We provide scalable managed firewall solutions that fit small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Additionally, we offer flexible pricing models that include annual, quarterly, and monthly payment options. Contact us to discuss how we can customize a managed firewall solution for you.


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