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What is Managed Detection and Response (MDR)? 

MDR is a confusing term that is misused almost constantly. Managed detection and response is defined as a managed security service that delivers monitoring, detection of threats and attacks and enabled targeted threat hunting, response and remediation. 

The term is misused by many security product companies who imply that there is just one MDR solution. The fact is that MDR is a generic term that can apply to a variety of detect and respond solutions. Some of these solutions have more value than others, some are very specific to one kind of detection and most importantly, they are of more value when combined. 

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eSecurity Solutions can help define, acquire, implement, and manage cybersecurity solutions for your business.

4 Reasons Companies Need MDR

Managing cyber security is an overwhelming job, especially when engaging in real-time monitoring of all related security information. Companies trying to staff all security functions themselves are experiencing skill shortages, training issues, high costs, and problems hiring and maintaining staff. 63% of organizations are falling behind in training cybersecurity staff. The Cybersecurity Skills Shortage, coupled with the increasing levels of specialization required to manage a growing security infrastructure, means that the use of Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) is becoming increasingly attractive to companies of all sizes.

Preventing Evasive Attacks

Today’s cyber-attacks are highly evasive, eluding preventative controls. Over 20% of the attacks remain undiscovered inside victim systems for months and another 10% are undiscovered for years. APTs have become the norm for advanced attacks, and strong detection solutions are needed since many infections are not prevented. SIEMS can catch attacks that move slowly through your IT systems. SIEMs correlate information and events from multiple sources, use AI/ML to look for IoA and IoC, and catch the lateral movement of attacks that are part of APTs.

Promoting Balanced Security

Why should your company aim to achieve balanced security?  Because attackers use the weakest link to breach your security. The goal of balanced security is to create the highest level of security with the least amount of cost. This is accomplished through knowing where your gaps are and prioritizing them, adding detection and response to your preventative solutions, and ensuring your security is tailored to your company’s particular situation. The ability to detect and respond comes from a monitoring and detection solution like a SIEM/SOC.

Regulation & Insurance Compliance

Generally, the biggest drivers in utilizing a SIEM-Based SOC or MDR solution are Cyber Insurance and Regulation Compliance. As cyber insurance claims increase, insurance companies must decrease their risk. As a result, there is an increase in cyber insurance rates and the requirements to qualify for cyber insurance. For companies buying cyber insurance, the need for Regulation Compliance-Level Security is the standard to qualify. Regulation Compliant Security requires all 3 major components of compliance: 3rd Party Risk Assessments to define gaps and help with planning, appropriate security controls, and active security management. Outsourced Managed Security through SIEM-Based SOC achieve the highest level of security monitoring allowing companies to gain regulation and insurance compliance.

Creating a Complete Picture

Information from anyone (silo) source does not reveal overall risk. The monitoring, detection, and response (MDR) capabilities you get from each individual security product are silos of information (if they exist at all) and not a complete picture of your security. Likewise, single-silo security products don’t generate analysis, alerts, and compliance-level reports of all IT information using advanced rules and AI to look for threats and attacks. In contrast, SIEM-based SOC provides a complete picture of your security posture. They provide adequate threat/attack detection by monitoring, correlating, and analyzing events and information from ALL your security and IT infrastructure. Leveraging a SIEM-SOC grants access to real-time information from all your security products, your key IT, and all cloud/on-premises solutions.

Top Level MDR  

The most valuable MDR solution is a Managed SIEM. A Managed SIEM monitors ALL your security and key IT (servers, network, clients, M365). It provides real-time monitoring, correlation, AI analysis, threat hunting, alerting, and remediation enablement. 


Security Control-Level MDR Solutions

Managed Products with MDR adds managed detection and response to traditional managed security. Products like EDR, NDR are examples of individual security controls that have added detection and response. They provide valuable detect and respond solutions at part of your overall security.


What is the Value of Various MDR Alternatives? 

Top Level MDR (using SIEM based SOC)

An MDR SIEM solution provides overall top level detection and response. No other MDR solution provide the top level security that a SIEM can. It is the most important detect and respond solution you can deploy since it monitors all your security and key IT.


Security Control-Level MDR Solutions

With Control-level MDR products like EDR and NDR, the detection and response capability ONLY applies to those specific security controls (like endpoint or network).  So, they are partial security solutions, not able to monitor and detect all your security threats and attacks. Hence the need for MDR SIEMs.


Do Companies Need More than One MDR Solution? 

The short answer is yes, companies need more than one managed detection and response solution. The reason for this is that with the exception of a SIEM, EDR and NDR only provide partial detection and response.


For companies that are compliance or best practices focused, the best security requires monitoring as many areas of your infrastructure as you can.  Some companies may choose to believe that an EDR solution provides adequate security, but APT attacks require monitoring of networks, users, security controls etc to get a complete picture of your security.


The Value of eSecurity's Integrated MDR Managed Security Architecture

eSecurity Solution’s 24×7 MDR managed security services are built to integrate your stack of security & IT solutions with our security management providing a customized security MDR solution.


It starts with our Managed SIEM-SOC to provide Advanced MDR for all your security infrastructure. Our SIEM-SOC provides incident detection & response by monitoring all security and key IT for a true APEX MDR solution.

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How Customers Can Buy Our Services

We can provide our managed detection and response and other managed security services separately of bundled to provide an integrated XDR solution. 

Our managed security takes a vendor agnostic approach. Our goal is to provide you with 1) the best overall security, 2) the highest level of integrated detection and response (because we monitor everything) and 3) to offload as much security management as you require so your organization can focus on your highest priorities.  

eSecurity Solutions can help define, acquire, implement, and manage cybersecurity solutions for your business.

Why Buy Our Apex-level MDR (SIEM-SOC)

eSecurity Solution’s Managed MDR SIEM-SOC Solution protects your critical assets with 24×7 security monitoring, threat detection, and incident response all without the expense or hassle of hiring and keeping cybersecurity experts on your staff. Our purpose-driven technology and team of security experts work closely with each customer to identify, prioritize, and resolve security threats and attacks. Using an open-architecture machine-accelerated platform, our SIEM-SOC collects data from multiple sources to provide centralized visibility through a single platform. Our SIEM administrators correlate detection data (IOA and IOC) and our 24×7 SOC analysts analyze, investigate, and implement response actions against the sophisticated cyber threats

24/7 Managed Detection & Response

  • Security Monitoring & Detection of IOC/IOA 
  • Threat Hunting, Incident Triage & Remediation 
  • Monitors Security, Servers, Endpoints, Network, User Behavior 

Going Beyond Managed SIEM

  • Baseline Security Assessment (CIS Benchmark) 
  • File Integrity (FIM) & Windows Policies
  • Host Vulnerability Assessment & Host Asset Inventory 

A Fully Managed & Cloud Hosted Next-Gen SIEM 

  • 1 Year Log Retention (Optional Extension)

Comprehensive Periodic Reports  

  • Automated & On-Demand Compliance Reports  
  • Custom Regulation Based Reports

Proactive Customer Support

  • Customized Rules Match Your Environment
  • Proactive Threat Attack Notices & Blocking  
  • SOC Team Support with Optional Services

Comprehensive MDR Platform Monitors All Your Key IT & Security 

Our 360° platform ingests real-time data cloud datacenters, network, security logs, servers, endpoints, and applications. Then we correlate, analyze, validate, and distill true threats and attacks using threat hunting to determine attack chains. Once threats are validated, our 24×7 team works to block attacks, and to alert and support you with actionable remediation information.

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Why Chose eSecurity for Managed Security Services?

Our managed SIEM services brings a wealth of strategic benefits to the table. Our SIEM comes with enterprise-grade security expertise backed by a successful track record of deploying SIEM services for diverse businesses across sectors. We tap into our strong cybersecurity expertise and association with leading security vendors to give you the best solutions to protect, detect, respond and to manage your security. This enables our customers to secure their businesses and to be compliant with regulations and cyber insurance.

We have built a reputation for deploying a complex MDR SIEM-SOC and other managed security deployments fast and efficiently enabling our customers to focus on other priority tasks. Our managed SIEM services are manned by industry-leading experts with immense cybersecurity knowhow. We are technology agnostic and have end-to-end expertise including policy definition, configuration, management, SOC monitoring, threat hunting, and remediation. 

eSecurity Solutions can help define, acquire, implement, and manage cybersecurity solutions for your business.

eSecurity Solutions Your One-Stop Cybersecurity Partner 

At eSecurity Solutions, we specialize in providing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions tailored to the unique needs of business of all sizes. We provide compliance level security risk assessment, managed security, and security products from leading security product vendors. Our managed security services provide solutions for all major security controls. Hence, we can take the burden of managing security for cloud, endpoint, access control, network, and security monitoring, so that you can focus on your business. 

eSecurity Solutions- One Stop Cyber Security Partner

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eSecurity Solutions can assist in defining, acquiring, implementing, and managing your business’s cybersecurity solutions.

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