24×7 Managed Security Services

Outsource Your Complex Security

Outsourced Managed Security Services

Outsourcing your complex security management can be a great idea for companies. We provide customers with fully managed security that defines, implement, monitor and manages your complex security. eSecurity Solutions provides compliance level managed services solutions for all major compliance areas. Use us to securely manage all your complex security products.

The need for outsourced security is great because of the shortage of experienced security people. It is forecasted that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally in the next year. Almost 60% of CISOs believe that trying to staff their own cyber team will continue to get more difficult.

In the 21st century companies need to be regulation compliant, and to upgrade their security to detect and respond to inevitable security attacks. They also need expert partners who can provide guidance and support. As a result many companies are moving to outsourced managed security.

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Outsourcing to
Managed Security Experts

eSecurity Solutions provides an end-to-end solution including risk assessments, enterprise level security products and managed security. We provide these solutions to address the top customer problems of compliance, the need to detect threats and to be able to respond to these threats and need for expert security guidance and support. Our most recent advancements are available with our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offering. With this managed security service customers get an integrated managed 24×7 solution that monitors, detects and responds to threats and attacks.

Our solutions are tailored to companies of all sizes, with affordable solutions that scale down without sacrificing effectivity. We have been in the security business for 17 years and managed security for over 10 years focused on serving companies of all sizes with the best security available.

Because we are Cyber security experts, we can manage your security faster and more effectively. We know how to keep security products configured properly and how to keep the solutions up to date and functional. Our services, we take the pain of defining, configuring, tuning, monitoring, and maintaining complex cybersecurity solutions off your shoulders so that you can focus on other more pressing needs.

24×7 Managed Detection & Response (MDR Services)

eSecurity Solutions provides MDR services to companies to solve the need to managing security products and also to monitor and provide incidence response after attacks or disasters.

MDR services are a step up from product-centric managed security services in that the focus of MDR is to provide you with a secure integrated infrastructure that manages, monitors and contains threats or attacks without your intervention. Once we see a threat, we analyze it and determine the best way to quickly contain it. At that point, we notify you and then the proper course for any further remediation can be determined.


What Do You Get with Managed Cybersecurity Services?

Our managed services solutions start with understanding your business requirements and then defining the appropriate policies that enable your security products to be most effective. We then securely configure your security solutions to match your organization’s requirements and any necessary compliance regulations. It does not stop there though. Our managed security service experts continually test, adjust, monitoring, update, maintain and support your security products day in and day out. So now you don’t have to become an expert on each security solution and can focus on other key areas of your business.


Regulation Compliant
Managed Security Services

We can manage your security product solutions to enable compliance with all major regulations including customized reporting. We understand security regulations and know what needs to be done to provide maximum security and compliance with regulations.

Making Cybersecurity
Management Easy

Our outsourced managed security service provides a flexible pay-as-you-go business model that removes large upfront fees and makes it easy to adopt the best possible services solutions for your business.

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