Managed Identity-as-a-Service

Control Access & Increase Security with IDaaS

Secure Access in a Post Password Era via Identity-as-a-Service

Security experts and nearly all regulatory agencies agree that passwords alone are not sufficient to guarantee the identity of users logging into servers, VPN, Website, applications, cloud applications and networks. Regulations are increasingly requiring or recommending the use of multi-factor authentication to increase the security of almost all systems and applications. A managed solution like Identity-as-a-Service Provides the benefits of secure access control without the hassle of buying and hosting an authentication infrastructure.


Managed Multi-factor
Authentication Security Services

We provide a managed identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution which includes SSO (single sign on), and multi-factor authentication. This IDaaS solution enables secure access control to internal network logins, websites, cloud applications and internal security infrastructures. This type of solution is also known as 2-factor authentication with SSO. Identity-as-a-Service will take your organization beyond simple passwords toward ensuring that those assessing your data are the ones you have authorized.

Managed Multi-factor
Authentication Security Services

eSecurity Solutions’ managed authentication solution is managed from our secure cloud and can authenticate using your phone without hard tokens. As a result, it is quick to deploy, does not require on premise resources and complicated implementation, and can easily be scaled. Let us help you define what systems, applications and networks need more access control and we can manage all aspects of your authentication infrastructure, making your business compliant and more secure. Our expert eSecurity Solutions IDaaS solution utilizes our award winning authentication security and adds expert management services so you don’t have to become an expert in security. You will have the best possible security with complete peace of mind.


Customizing a Managed Identity-as- a-Service (IDaaS) Solution for You

We provide scalable managed authentication solutions that fit small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Additionally, we offer flexible pricing models that include annual, quarterly, and monthly payment options. Contact us to learn more.

eSecurity Solutions can enable the high level of security required by regulations and best practices security without the hassle and cost of staffing, training and managing your identity management solution yourself.  Managing identity solutions as employees are added and removed and defining the correct least privilege access is extremely important. Access control is probably the single most important security control.  Once threat actors get access to your cloud apps, cloud infrastructure, M365, or network all other security controls are rendered useless. Let eSecurity Solution help you implement and manage your most important security.

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