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What are SOCs & SIEMs

Security Information & Event Managers (SIEMs) is a security solution that centrally collects data across a company’s entire network environment to detect threats, enable remediation, and proactively stop attacks. This apex security monitoring tool is managed by an Security Operations Center (SOC), a team of highly skilled security experts that provides real-time alerts through 24×7 Security Monitoring. Ultimately, SIEMs allows companies to ensure regulation and insurance compliance by providing high-level detection and response solutions.

SIEM provides a Complete Picture of your Security Posture

SIEMs Enable Full System Monitoring

Unlike Individual Security Product Monitoring or XDR Monitoring, a SIEM is a tool that ingests security and event information from ALL security and core IT systems to provide real-time monitoring, alerting, and remediation information. Using Standard and Customized Rules and AI/ML, SIEMs monitor information gathered from all security devices, controls, servers, networks, vulnerability scans, threat feeds, and user behavior. Alerts generated are analyzed by a 24×7 technician who specializes in threat hunting and root cause analysis to gather remediation information and compliance-level reports.

4 Reasons Why Companies Need SIEM-Based SOC

Managing cyber security is an overwhelming job, especially when engaging in real-time monitoring of all related security information. Companies trying to staff all security functions themselves are experiencing skill shortages, training issues, high costs, problems hiring and maintaining staff. 63% of organizations are falling behind training cybersecurity staff. The Cybersecurity Skills Shortage, coupled with increasing levels of specialization required to manage a growing security infrastructure, mean that the use of Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) is becoming increasingly attractive to companies of all sizes.

Regulation & Insurance Compliance

Generally, the biggest drivers in utilizing a SIEM-Based SOC are Cyber Insurance and Regulation Compliance. As cyber insurance claims increase, insurance companies must decrease their risk. In result, there is an increase in cyber insurance rates the requirements to qualify for cyber insurance. For companies buying cyber insurance, the need for Regulation Compliance-Level Security is the standard to qualify. Regulation Compliant Security requires all 3 major components of compliance: 3rd Party Risk Assessments to define gaps and help with planning, appropriate security controls, and active security management. Outsourced Managed Security through SIEM-Based SOC achieve the highest level of security monitoring allowing companies to gain regulation and insurance compliance.

Preventing Evasive Attacks

Today’s cyber-attacks are highly evasive, eluding preventative controls. Over 20% of the attacks remain undiscovered inside victim systems for months and another 10% are undiscovered for years. APTs have become the norm for advanced attacks and strong detection solutions are needed, since many infections are not prevented. SIEMS can catch attacks that move slowly through your IT systems. SIEMs correlate information and events from multiple sources, use AI/ML to look for IoA and IoC, and catch lateral movement of attacks that are part of APTs.

Promoting Balanced Security

Why should your company aim to achieve balanced security?  Because attackers use the weakest link to breach your security. The goal of balanced security is to create the highest level of security with the least amount of cost. This is accomplished through knowing where your gaps are and prioritizing them, adding detection and response to your preventative solutions, and ensuring your security is tailored to your company’s particular situation. The ability to detect and respond comes from a monitoring and detection solution like a SIEM/SOC.

Creating a Complete Picture

Information from any one (silo) source does not reveal overall risk. The monitoring, detection, and response (MDR) capabilities you get from each individual security products are silos of information (if they exist at all) and not a complete picture of your security. Likewise, single silo security products don’t generate analysis, alerts, and compliance-level reports of all IT information using advanced rules and AI to look for threats and attacks. In contrast, SIEM-Based SOC provides a complete picture of your security posture. They provide adequate threat/attack detection by monitoring, correlating, and analyzing events and information from ALL your security and IT infrastructure. Leveraging a SIEM-SOC grants access to real-time information from all your security products, your key IT (including network traffic, user access, servers, workstations), and all cloud/on-premises solutions.

Problems Solved by Managed SIEM

Regulation Compliance

  • 24×7 Security Monitoring & Management
  • Adequate/Appropriate Security & Controls
  • Solutions that Protect, Detect, Respond, & Enable Recovery

Reduces Costs on Internal Team

  • Enables Companies to Focus on Other Priorities Internally
  • Management with Security Experts in Each Security Management Space
  • Avoid the Cost to Staff, Train and Retain a Larger Staff (w/Redundancies)

Increased Security

  • Active Security Management
  • Enables Protect, Detect & Respond
  • Monitors & Correlates Key IT Assets as they All Move to the Cloud
Security Management Value Pyramid, MDR, Managed SIEM, Managed SOC

Managed SIEM = Apex MDR

Managed SIEMs are apex managed detection and response (MDR) solutions. Like the Great White shark, they consume ALL security information and key IT system information in real-time then correlate, analyze and detect threats.

The MDR team will provide threat hunting and help define necessary remediation actions, including threat blocking and long-term remediation. The MDR team can also provide forensics to how attacks occurred and then block future attacks.

SIEMs can work with all security products and multi-vendor XTM systems to provide a true top-level solution.

Evolution of Security Product Management

Security is evolving toward integrated solutions that can leverage a broader set of Security & IT Information to detect threats. Individual security products (siloed security) are no longer adequate because they don’t leverage information from the entire system and can’t provide coordinated threat stopping. XDR is an emerging Vendor-Centric Solution that attempts to provide better security by integrating security within a vendor’s product line. XDR offers central management, but lacks multi-vendor solution integration and big picture integration with IT systems. A SIEM-based SOC is used in conjunction with security products enables a complete security system equipped with monitoring, detection, and response capability. SIEMs leverage multi-vendor solutions (including XDR), incorporates real-time threat data, stops lateral and multi-stage attacks, enables forensics and threat hunting.


Extensible Managed SIEM SOC with Managed Security Stack

eSecurity Solutions provides a full Vendor-Agnostic Extensible Managed SIEM SOC integrated with a broad managed security offering for individual security products. We have a dedicated team managing a full SIEM which includes Host Vulnerability Assessments, File Integrity Monitor (FIM), and User Behavior Analysis (UBA). Our SIEM-Based SOC promotes real-time monitoring of all multi-vendor security controls and key IT assets (like servers, PCs, networks, cloud) to provide event and information monitoring, correlation, analysis, threat hunting, alerting and response. We also offer optionally managed security controls in the areas of Firewalls, Wi-Fi, EP, EDR, Email, MFA, Identity Management, Cloud Security, Zero Trust, Security Training, and Phishing Testing.


Why Outsource SIEM-SOC?

If you did try to manage your own SIEM you would need the right SIEM and the right team. This is qualified through a redundantly trained expert staff sufficient to manage a 24×7 SIEM. This staff must specialize in monitoring, analysis, threat hunting, and remediation to provides ongoing monitoring and adjustments that incorporate false positive and negative alerts in your security.

Why eSecurity Solutions?

eSecurity Solution’s mission is to provide full Information Security Management System (ISMS) Cycle Solutions. Our solutions are aligned with our customers’ need to be compliant and secure. With over 20 years of cybersecurity-focused solutions and a broad customer base, eSecurity Solutions is a trusted expert in the security industry. We provide Compliance-Level Security Solutions for companies of all sizes.


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