Managed 24×7 SIEM Security Monitoring

Beyond Simple Security Monitoring ... to Threat Protection

24×7 Managed SIEM for Managed Security Monitoring

eSecurity Solutions provides a premium scalable managed SIEM solution to satisfy compliance and enhanced security requirements for Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

We provide a completely Managed SIEM monitoring and security threat management solution for your business enabling compliance with all major security regulations. Our service goes beyond traditional SIEM solutions providing a customized managed solution that will a) detect security system vulnerabilities, b) alert you to security threats or intrusions, c) enable security systems optimization, and d) measure, manage and report on compliance 24×7.

24×7 Managed Detection
and Response (MDR)

eSecurity Solutions Managed SIEM provides a managed detection and response solution for all monitored security products, servers and endpoints. MDR is a requirement for today’s higher level of security. Companies must be able to not just try to prevent attacks, but must detect and respond to threats and attacks that evade prevention security.

Versus Log Event Managers

In contrast to full SIEM solutions, log event managers provide only log collection. These solutions meet the requirements to collect logs from multiple devices, but lack user analytics, netflow, AI based analysis, broad application and device integration and advanced forensics. Log managers are designed for entry level log collection applications and don’t meet the true spirit of today’s security regulations.


Security Control CapabilitieseSecurity Solutions 24×7 Managed SIEMLog Event Managers

Multi-Source Network Security Monitoring, Analysis, Correlation & Alerting

Integrates with Security Products, Cloud, Servers

Correlates Events from On-Premise & Cloud Sources


Threat Intelligence

Open Source

User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

Host Asset Inventory

AI Correlation Rules

Vulnerability Scanning

Live 24×7 Threat Hunting

File Integrity Monitoring

(Logs, Vuln. Scans, Assets)

Log & Event Data

Reporting (Compliance & Custom)

24×7 eSecurity Solutions Managed Services*



24×7 eSecurity Solutions MDR Services



Customizing a Managed SIEM Security Monitoring Solution for You

As we customize our solution for your organization we define the necessary security policies; work interactively with you to install sensors, loggers, servers; implement policy configurations and test your deployment. Once that is complete, we will continuously tune and adjust the system to provide optimized security alerts and information. We will set up reporting on all threat features to meet your needs. And lastly, we will be there to continuously monitor the system, analyze the results and assist in your understanding of the impact to your organization.

We provide a scalable network security monitoring solution that fits small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Additionally, we offer flexible pricing models that include annual, quarterly, and monthly payment options. Check out our other managed security services.

24×7 Managed Security Information & Event Monitoring

Our Managed SIEM provides five advanced security capabilities in a single solution, integrating real-time security threat information intelligence. These superior capabilities include:

  1. High speed Managed SIEM Correlating Events from On-Premise & Cloud sources
  2. Advanced Threat Detection from multiple sources
  3. User Behavior Analysis (UBA)
  4. Vulnerability Assessment
  5. The Highest Level of Support for Monitored Devices, Cloud and On-premise Infrastructures

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