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Can Your Business Survive Relying on Passwords Alone?

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More than 50% of cyber security breaches involve stolen login credentials, it is the #1 method used. If you asked 100 IT professionals if passwords are enough to keep your company secure probably all of them would say No.  And yet, less than 15% of midsize companies use two factor authentication (2FA) or multi factor authentication (MFA) to ensure that the person logging in is the person you think is logging in.


Why is Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Necessary?

  • Access control is key to security. Maybe the most important part of security. Let’s face it, if someone else gets your login credentials, all of the rest of your security is irrelevant.
  • Within the area of access control, two factor authentication or multi-factor authentication is the most important solution. The ability to add a 2nd or 3rd level of authentication is key to guarantying that the person logging in is the person to whom you have granted permission.
  • Virtually all security regulations require strong access control and 2FA is recommended.
  • Passwords are reused by over 60% of users. If a password is exposed, access to multiple logins is at risk.


 Two Factor Authentication (2FA & MFA) Use Cases that Will Secure Your Business

Controlling the following access areas is key to corporate security.

  • IT Administrator login to Key IT infrastructure areas
  • Web portal Access by customers, partners, suppliers, employees etc
  • Website developer access control
  • Cloud application login. As more apps move to the cloud, controlling who logs in is key.
  • Windows network login
  • Remote user login


Until Recently, the Obstacles to 2FA and MFA Have Been Too High

The reason that companies do not use 2FA and MFA is because of the historic obstacles to implementation, cost and use.

  • Required expensive on-premise 2FA infrastructure
  • Hard to deploy with custom solutions. Lots of IT time
  • So expensive that only enterprises could afford them
  • Required hardware tokens to be carried around
  • Mostly only corporate developed applications worked with your custom solution


Two Factor Authentication and Multi Factor Authentication Now Available to Everyone

Technology has caught up and now all of the old MFA obstacles have been overcome%