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Can You Prevent These Email Security Attacks?

Email Attacks are Still the Primary Security Attack Vector

70% of attacks on businesses are from external parties with a financially motivated goal (86% of the time).

Social and malware attacks combined account for 39% of all recent attacks on businesses.

Social Attacks are the #1 Attack Vector against businesses

Fighting Social & Phishing Attacks requires Next Generation Email Security:

  • Email and phishing attacks account for 96% of social attacks
  • Email is the top attack vector in malware attacks
  • Email is also a key method used to steal credentials which are used in breaches 37% of the time

How are Attackers Using Email for Attacks?

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Email attacks are used to initiate multiple security attacks:

  • Phishing attacks
  • Spear phishing attacks
  • CEO fraud
  • Malicious web links often disguised as web sites you know
  • Malicious file attachments
  • Attacks may be combined with malicious text messages and social attacks using social websites and phone messages. Attackers often use these attacks in combination to get your attention and to seem more credible
  • Email can be used as the first leg of a multi-part attack using malware, ransomware, and credential harvesting

Other Email Security Risks

  • The need to recover accidentally deleted emails
  • The need to retrieve emails at a later date for legal protection or civil trials (Email Archiving)
  • The need to access emails when email providers service is down (Spooling for emergency access)

Does Your Email Security Protect Against These Attacks?

Next generation email security can provide protection at pretty high levels.

One thing is for sure, since attack methods change rapidly, you need to use email security from a leading vendor who keeps up with the challenges of trying to secure against complex social attacks.

Email Security Checklist

Here is what companies need for modern day email security. Anything less puts your company at risk.

  • Scanning of Inbound emails for:
    • AI based scanning to detect stealth attacks
    • Malicious links (Scan links at the time of click for real-time protection)
    • Phishing content
    • CEO Fraud content
    • Malicious file attachments (scan files using AI pre-scan of your files)
    • Anti-spam
    • Evaluate sender reputation, location, etc for signs of threats
  • Email Archiving for later (legally mandated) retrieval
  • Emergency Inbox: Spooling of emails so that they can be accessed via the Web if the email provider’s service is down (eg. O365 servers are down)
  • Outbound email security:
    • The Ability to send and receive encrypted private emails with easy access by the reader
    • Data loss prevention (to prevent sending of emails with credit card, personal private information etc)
  • Combine Strong email security with other complementary security:
    • Gateway security: UTM Firewalls
    • Endpoint security
    • Integrated systems (from a single vendor normally) where email security communicates with gateway and endpoint security about threats
    • MFA security to help guaranty the IDs of employees logging into networks, cloud applications, websites etc.

Don’t assume that email providers such as Microsoft or Google provide you with adequate email security.

If protecting your company against the #1 threat vector (social engineering and email attacks) is important to you, you should consider security providers what provide not just world class security, but also complementary security as a primary focus.  Office365 is great, but I rarely meet companies that are good at everything. Microsoft’s #1 focus is cloud platforms, not security.

Let us help you define the best overall security for your business. Security should reflect your own unique needs, recent risk assessments, your strategy and budget.

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Research source: 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report

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