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Get off the Cybersecurity Treadmill

Cybersecurity Outsourcing to get off Security Treadmill

Are you making enough progress on your cybersecurity?

Customers we talk to want to enhance their cybersecurity, but don’t have the time, resources or money. They are constantly battling to keep up with latest threats, but can’t keep up with an evolving security strategy, latest solutions, and expanding cybersecurity requirements. Maybe the following pain points will resonate with you.


Are These Your Security Pains?

  • Not knowing how to define the right security strategy
  • Knowing what they want, but not knowing which solutions to buy
  • Not knowing whether to buy, or acquire a Managed Security Service from a MSSP
  • Knowing what to do, but not having the time or staff to implement it
  • How Do I become Regulation Compliant?
  • How Do I Get Security with a Limited Budget?


Top 2017 Cyber-security risk areas

The fundamental challenge with security is that the bad guys are changing their attacks more quickly than you can respond. That means that you constantly have new areas of vulnerability. In 2017 these are the top consensus Cyber-security threats and solutions required.


  • Malware, Ransomware
  • Cloud Security (both Apps and data centers)
  • Regulations and Governance
  • Social Engineering, Phishing, CEO Fraud
  • Cybersecurity Skills Shortage
  • Mobile Device Security
  • IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things


Solutions that will Get You Off the Implementation Treadmill

The only way to get off the treadmill is to team up with security experts to help you develop & maintain a security plan and then to help you implement and manage your security. Check out the recommendations below.


Problem to Solve

Recommended Actions

  • Prioritized Security Strategy
  • Get a Security Risk Assessment
  • How Do I Become Compliant
  • Get a Security Risk Assessment
  • Which Solutions to Buy
  • Find a Security Expert Partner to Help you Decide
  • Buying Products vs. Using Managed Security
    • Cap Ex vs Monthly Payments
    • Do it Yourself vs Outsource to Experts
  • Cybersecurity Outsourcing to Experts and Pay-as-you-Go
  • Limited Budget but High Expectations
  • Be Creative:
    • Outsource Services Instead of Internal
    • Monthly Subscriptions Instead of Purchases
    • Bundled Solutions that Solve Multiple Problems
  • Current Security is Adequate for Current Threats
  • Prioritize Security from Latest Risk Assessment
  • Add Security Solutions for Current Threats
    • Security Monitoring (SIEM)
    • Security Awareness Training/Phishing Sims
    • Advanced Threats/Ransomware
    • Cloud App/Data Center
    • Mobile
  • Use Product Vendors with a Long-Term Vision
  • Make Sure Solutions Overlap and Fill All Security Holes


Cybersecurity Outsourcing Can Solve Many of Your Problems

Defining and managing a strong security solution for your company is a tough job. Most companies need help with that. Cybersecurity outsourcing to an expert security partner can help you in all areas and likely will keep you off the security treadmill.


Contact eSecurity Solutions to discuss how we can use cybersecurity outsourcing to get off the security implementation treadmill.