Security Risk Assessments

Security Assessments, Audits, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning, Phishing Tests ...

Security Risk Assessments, Security Audits, Reviews & Gap Analysis

Security Assessments, Security Risk Assessments, Security Audits, Vulnerabilty Scanning, Penetration Testing, Phishing Tests

Cyber Security Audits and Risk Assessment Gap Analysis

Security risk assessments are essential for discovering risk and defining appropriate mitigation strategies that fit your company’s objectives. We provide a broad range of risk assessment solutions to customers of all sizes across the entire U.S.


There are two components to security assessments:

  1. Security Review & Gap Analysis (often called security audits) provide a complete process for defining security risk strategies based upon your objectives, security posture and status and
  2. Security tests such as penetration testing, vulnerability testing and phishing tests which diagnose actual vulnerabilities in specific areas of your security infrastructure.


Security Review & Gap Analysis (Security Audits)

The most important part of security assessments is the security review & gap analysis. It is the glue that ties the entire security risk assessment solution together.  As with security regulation audits, there must be a process for assessing a company’s risk profile.  In a security review, we review your key assets, current security strategy, controls and, IT infrastructure and prioritize your top vulnerabilities, risks and recommended security control solutions. The resulting report is suitable for defining your future security strategy, defining budgets and the order to implement security risk mitigation solutions.


Security Tests: Penetration Testing, Vulnerability, WiFi, VOIP and Other Tests

Security assessments tests diagnose actual security vulnerabilities by testing specific areas of your security infrastructure. They can be performed with or without a Security Review. Each test has separate goals and a different process, but all are designed to identify security vulnerabilities and to assign a probability of occurrence so that a plan can be defined related to controlling that security risk. Consult your security expert to determine which tests might be appropriate for your environment.

The most common security tests used in security risk assessments are network vulnerability scanning tests and network penetration testing. These tests can be used to test external networks, Websites, Web applications as well as internal networks. Other security tests include wireless security, VOIP security, Phishing tests, security configuration testing and physical security tests.

Security Assessment Components


Security Review & Gap Analysis

Audit your security strategy, and controls to ensure that they are appropriate to protect your key digital assets. The result is a prioritized list of security gaps and needed controls.



Network Vulnerability Scans

  • External & Internal
Security network vulnerability scanning tests applied from outside &/or Inside your network to identify basic security vulnerabilities to common current threats. Vulnerability scanning is the #1 used and most basic security test.

Penetration Testing

External & Internal Network

Targeted network penetration testing attacks on your network by white hat hackers looking for vulnerabilities from sophisticated attacks from outside or inside your Network.

Web Application Pen. Testing


A rigorous Web application testing process that includes a series of fabricated malicious attacks to see the level of security of the Web application system

Social Engineering Tests

(Including Phishing)

A broad range of social engineering tests including pretending to be a trusted party to manipulate an authorized user to provide access to confidential business secrets or information about usernames and passwords. 

Phishing testing is the most common social engineering testing performed which can be performed as a recurring assessment service. Combining security awareness training with phishing simulations is recommended for all companies.

WiFi Security Testing

WiFi security testing that examines the security of the wireless topology and design. Wireless components such as controllers, access points, client workstations and mobile device settings are reviewed to ensure proper security measures

VOIP Security Testing

Test your VOIP system for security vulnerabilities.

Security Configuration Testing

Examines the security features and settings of IDS, IPS, UTM security appliances and other security solutions for optimal security configurations.

Operational Security Tests

Selected tests of various corporate systems for security controls such as application software tests.

Physical Security Tests

Testing of physical and environmental infrastructure for appropriate security controls for office and data centers and vulnerability to environmental disasters.

Cloud Security Testing

Testing of cloud data centers and cloud application environments for appropriate security. Basically a risk assessment of your cloud infrastructure.

3rd Party Vendor Reviews

Review 3rd party business associates for compliance with your security standards or with Security regulations.


White Hat Hacker On Board

Security Assessments, Security Risk Assessments, Security Audits, Vulnerabilty Scanning, Penetration Testing, Phishing TestsWe are staffed with certified security experts including White Hat Hacker, Certified Penetration Testers, and CISA certified auditors. We focus solely on security and work with the top security product companies in the industry to bring you the best security remediation solutions following your security assessment.


Customizing Security Risk Assessments for You

We provide scalable security assessments and security audit solutions that fit small, medium, and enterprise businesses. Contact us to learn more. We work with customers in every state in the U.S.


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