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Is Your Security Monitoring Delivering Half What you Need?
SIEM versus Unified Security Monitoring

Is Your Security Monitoring Delivering Half What you Need?

SIEM (Security Information and Event Monitoring) systems are a hot topic in security. More and more companies are being driven to achieve a new higher level of cybersecurity and are adopting an SIEM as a core component of their security.


But, is it really delivering all that you need or just the bare minimum?


First let’s examine why security monitoring is important. More and more companies are being asked to comply with one or more cybersecurity regulations. At a minimum, companies want to at least implement “best practices” security. The goals are to avoid compliance regulation fines or public embarrassment; to protect key customer, financial, or IP data; and to make sure their companies do not experience downtime or lost data.


So, if you need or want at least compliance level security, what is required?  Let’s start with what is in compliance level security.


Security Regulation Compliance Checklist

Security regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX, ISO 27000, NIST all require that you address these areas.

Compliance Checklist - SIEM vs Unified Security Monitoring

 Security monitoring is a major component of security so how can you get the most out of that investment?


Is Your SIEM Doing All that You Need or Just the Bare Minimum?

Monitoring and adjusting your security is difficult to do without a comprehensive solution like an SIEM. You can’t rely on security logs from your firewall alone to tell you what is going on inside your network, on your servers or endpoints.


Do you Want a Security Monitoring Solution or One that Can Prevent Ransomware?

In the past, companies had only one choice… purchase a simple SIEM product.  Today, you have a choice. You can buy a traditional SIEM with monitoring and alerting based upon simple log correlation. Or, with a NextGen SIEM, you get the features of a SIEM plus a combination of security asset monitoring, vulnerability scanning, and threat detection and prevention features. These combined features give you another security solution that you can deploy that not only monitors for threats discovered by other devices, but helps detect and manage them with its own sophisticated tools. Do you want a monitoring solution or one that can help you prevent, detect and stop ransomware or other advanced threats?

Unified Security Monitoring versus Traditional SIEM

Managed SIEM is the Right Solution for Most Companies

To get the great benefits of a Unified Security Monitoring system and not have to manage it yourself, you can have it managed.


eSecurity Solutions provides a Managed SIEM Security Monitoring solution to protect your company from data breaches and ensure you are compliant with regulations. This Managed Security monitoring solution provides your company with better security, visibility and expert partner support – in an all-in-one customizable solution. For more information, you can checkout the Managed SIEM solution here and contact us here.


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