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eSecurity Solutions a nationwide provider of compliance level cyber security solutions to businesses. We have been helping customers secure their businesses since 2003 by outsourcing their cyber security planning, assessments, and risk management.


Our core solutions include compliance level GRC Services,  cyber security risk assessments, compliance services, industry leading security products and managed security services.


We help companies assess security risk, define gaps, prioritize solutions, and implement and manage their security with our compliance level risk assessments. We provide our customers with a roadmap to security compliance.


We partner with leading security product companies to provide complete product/Service solutions that help customers prevent security breaches, protect IP and personal private information, and become regulation compliant.


We also help customer solve new and important security problems like cloud security (both public cloud security and cloud application security), IoT security, Ransomware and access control problems.


To help our customers with the burden of managing security, we provide complete outsourced managed security services. We define and implement security policies, monitor, report, support, update & maintain your security products. If there is an incident, we are there to help you remediate your issues.


Need help understanding or dealing with the latest threats? We are always working on the latest solutions to the most recent threats such as securing cloud applications & data, preventing advanced persistent threat attacks (APT), ransomware, and identity and access management issues. Read about some the recent high profile security solutions below.

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