Multi-factor Authenication (MFA)

Prevent Credential Theft Breaches with MFA

MFA can solve One of the Most Important and Ignored Areas of Security

Criminals rely on log-in credential stealing as their #1 method to gain access to your systems, data and applications.
MFA (multi-factor authentication) makes logins more secure by requiring two or more authentication factors before you can login. Simple username and password has long been known to not be secure enough.

Criminals would rather steal your credentials than hack into your systems and steal your data. If criminals steal your credentials, they can log in as you and take anything they want or take control of your applications. Your payroll, financials, customer data are all available if they can log into your applications as an authorized user.

What Can Companies Do to Combat Credential Theft Risk?

Use a multi-factor authentication solution (MFA) to add more factors to the login process

MFA uses two or more authenticators from:

  • Something you know (password, PIN)
  • Something you have (token, mobile phone) and
  • Something you are (fingerprint, face)

Add MFA to everything

  • Windows network login
  • Cloud application logins
  • Remote worker VPN logins
  • Logging into your Network
  • IT Department core IT systems logins (firewalls, security systems, operating systems etc)

New MFA solutions Deliver on Necessary Requirements

  • Easy to Use: MFA can use a cloud and mobile phone enabled solutions that are easy to use and secure
  • Affordable: Cloud enabled solution using your mobile phone are affordable
  • Usable for almost anything: See above
  • Quick to Deploy: eSecurity Solutions helps our customers deploy and manage their solutions

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