eSecurity Solutions Testimonials


The people at eSecurity Solutions know what they are doing. It’s pretty amazing considering the broad range of products and services they provide but nonetheless they do. We have used them to setup and manage our firewalls (Fortinet) for some time and they never let us down. They keep our systems updated, compliant and ahead of the curve. They promptly resolve any issues that arise and yet, do not over promise, you always know where you stand. I would highly recommend them not just for the technical side but because they are clear, honest and forthright.

Dave Bower, VP Operations

Sierra Family of Dealerships

We have been purchasing firewalls and networking equipment from eSecurity Solutions for a few years but had never used their managed services up until a few months ago. We were missing out – their support is second to none. Their support staff is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help not to mention always available. Our sales rep always makes himself available to us whenever we need something and goes the extra mile to make sure we are happy. Great company, great service.

Jason Griffiths, I.T. Director

Versatile Building Products


Kern Schools Federal Credit Union selected eSecurity Solutions to evaluate, implement, and manage our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions. This selection ensures that we meet all Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance standards. Furthermore, eSecurity Solutions’s managed services allows us to receive real time analysis of security alerts and access 24×7 dynamic reports, which provides the Credit Union with the best industry IT security practices.

Ryan Cope, Information Security Officer

Kern Schools Federal Credit Union

The purchase process with eSecurity Solutions was great. They provided excellent pre and post purchase support. The product and licenses were delivered promptly and up and running in our live network in only 2 days. They kept our budget in mind while still providing the best in network security.

Nicholas DeStefano, Department Administrator

Town of Hammonton


The 24 x 7 monitoring gives us peace of mind and ensures that we are being proactive in monitoring our security. It is important for us to rely on experts as we grow our business.

Paul Kernicky, CEO

KRK Solutions

eSecurity Solutions is always friendly and knowledgeable.  Their security experts are available whenever we need them and are considered an integral part of our team.

Rex Klein, CEO

Barryhund Adminstrators Inc.


eSecurity Solutions quickly defined policies, configured our firewalls and deployed them to multiple locations for our company. All the complications that normally go with multi-office deployments were alleviated by relying on eSecurity Solutions. We know we can rely on them, as we add more offices to manage the entire infrastructure and keep it secure.

Lindsay Rando, CEO

Bobbles & Laces