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Banking Industry testimonial

Ryan Cope, Information Security Officer

Valley Strong Credit Union Testimonial

eSecurity Solutions Managed Services allow our credit union to conform to the best industry IT security practices. Specifically, we utilize eSecurity Solutions to evaluate, implement, and manage our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions. This solution ensures compliance with all Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standards. Furthermore, eSecurity Solutions’ SIEM solutions provide us with 24×7 Security Monitoring that facilitates the real-time analysis of security alerts and dynamic reports.

Manufacturing Industry testimonal

Director of Engineering

Industrial Manufacturing

eSecurity Solutions provides timely response to any problems I have. If I need technical support, I can get a call back at any time, night, or day within 15-minutes usually.  In contrast, the OEM Appliance Manufacture typically takes two (2) days just to align the right resource with the issue and then the issue is usually escalated to a more senior resource. However, this is not the case at eSecurity Solutions, as they are timely, skilled, knowledgeable, and cost effective in advising us on how to adapt to environmental changes and industrial challenges.

esecurity solutions testimonial

Paul Kernicky, CEO

Professional Business Services

We knew we needed to outsource our security as the burden on our staff was too much to always keep up with our security challenges.  Specifically, we utilize eSecurity Solutions as our Managed Security Services Provider. Their 24×7 Security Monitoring gives us a daily peace of mind and ensures that we are being proactive in monitoring our security. It is important for us to rely on experts as we continue to grow our business.

Community Services testimonial

Project Manager

Community Services Testimonial

Our new security strategy is more effective in responding to threats and our security posture has heavily improved we began working with eSecurity solutions. Now, I can sleep easy knowing that we have a partner that we can rely on. Overall, they help us focus on the important issues and vulnerabilities and allow us to not have to worry about every little threat that comes our way. We know that eSecurity solutions will detect and manage our threats 24×7.

Car Dealership

Dave Bower, VP Operations

Sierra AutoCars Inc.

The people at eSecurity Solutions are well informed in the cybersecurity industry, they really know what they are doing. This is pretty amazing considering the broad range of products and services they provide. We have used them to integrate and manage our Fortinet firewalls for years and they never let us down. They keep our systems updated, compliant, and ahead of the curve. They promptly resolve any issues that arise and yet, do not over promise, you always know where you stand. I would highly recommend them not only for their technical expertise but because they are clear, honest and forthright.

Nonprofit Organization testimonial

Director of Information Technology

Nonprofit Organization Testimonial

eSecurity Solutions was quick to get everything up and running in our security environment. They provided us with a very smooth transition to change in a short amount of time. Additionally, they saved us the time and energy we would have needed to expend upon hiring someone to fill the position and provided us with a service that met our needs. I always tell people I can sleep at night now not worrying about our network being attacked or worrying about a major vulnerability that we are not aware of because we have an expert company constantly keeping an eye on our networking and updating us at all times.

Manufacturing Industry testimonial

Jason Griffiths, I.T. Director


We have been purchasing firewalls and networking equipment from eSecurity Solutions for a few years but had never used their managed services up until recently. We were missing out – their support is second to none. Their support staff is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help not to mention always available. Our sales rep always makes himself available to us whenever we need something and goes the extra mile to make sure we are happy. Great company, great service.


Director of Technology

Education Industry Testimonial

eSecurity Solutions is very knowledgeable in the field of security. They gave us a lot of useful information without just trying to sell something to us. They are very flexible in meeting my needs and listening to me. I appreciate that they listen and respond to your needs and provide an accurate solution instead of trying to force one particular solution down your throat. They are also very adaptable, they provided us with a tailored solution based on our specific security vulnerabilities.


Lindsay Rando, CEO

Textile Manufacturing

Our company operates over 10 offices across New England. Therefore, it was important to us to find a company that could handle this distributed network of assets. It quickly became clear that eSecurity Solutions was up for the challenge. They quickly defined policies, configured our firewalls, and deployed them to multiple locations for our company. All the complications that normally go with multi-office deployments were alleviated by utilizing eSecurity Solutions. As we add more offices, we know we can rely on eSecurity Solutions to manage our entire infrastructure and keep it secure.

Engineering Industry

Director of Project Management


As a Multi-State Full-Service Engineering Firm, we needed assistance meeting our IT Security needs for our growing business. We secure from eSecurity Solutions are numerous from Endpoint Virus Detection and several cloud-based systems such as Patch Management, SAT (Security Awareness Training), Black Web Reporting, 24/7 Monitoring for threats using SIEM, and Two-Factor Authentication. The value eSecurity Solutions provides is knowing that while there are still many challenges out there, at least our Computers, Firewalls, Subscriptions, Networks, and Appliances are up to date and being monitored 24/7.

Town Hall

Nicholas DeStefano, Department Administrator

Town of Hammonton

We work with eSecurity Solutions to purchase security products. We found that with them, the purchase process was seamless. They provided excellent pre and post purchase support. They delivered the product and licenses promptly and facilitated integration into our live network in just 2 days. Also, they kept our budget in mind, while still providing us with the best in network security.

Family Services testimonial

Technology Director

Individual & Family Services

eSecurity Solutions exceeded my expectations in the level to which they are willing to partner with us. Specifically, they regularly assist us in producing reports so our senior leadership can better understand our security. They have also sat in with us during finance and board meetings to explain our security vulnerabilities to our senior leaders. This adaptability made our partnership more personable and integrated eSecurity Solutions throughout our organization.

Construction Industry

Rex Klein, CEO

Construction & Development

We have been working with eSecurity Solutions for years now and they have always been friendly and knowledgeable. Their security experts are available whenever we need them. I know they will always get back to me in a timely manner.  They are such an integral part of our security that we consider them part of our team.

Manufacturing Industry testimonial

Technology Administrator

Manufacturing & Design Testimonial

Upon researching companies to meet our cybersecurity needs at a reasonable price, we found eSecurity Solutions. The number one challenge we found before working with eSecurity Solutions was we were finding that the only MSPs out there to help us with Nist 800-171 (at the time) wanted to charge way too much money to secure our system. Additionally, most of these other vendors seemed unexperienced as if they were winging it.

Manufacturing Industry testimonal

Alan Palmer, I.T. Director

Falmat Inc.

eSecurity Solutions is very reasonable in pricing and they are not afraid to help us with IT projects that helped us reach our compliance goals. Other vendors would only suggest solutions and leave it up to us to figure out the implementation OR the other extreme where they wanted to do everything themselves, resulting in excessive charges. eSecurity provided us with a tailored solution that didn’t break the bank, saving us time and money. Prior to eSecurity Solutions, we did not have a proper SIEM or SOC. Now, we have a new security strategy that is extremely effective in responding to threats. We have not had any (reportable) incidents since utilizing eSecurity Solutions as our MSSP.

Organization Management testimonial

Director of Information Technology

Organization Management Testimonial

eSecurity Solutions solved security problems for our business. Specifically, they took care of our need to manage and patch our servers and firewalls. Additionally, they enhanced our security posture and facilitated the tracking of cyber threats 24×7. We chose eSecurity Solutions to be our managed security provider as they proved to be a reliable asset to our cybersecurity strategy.  I would recommend eSecurity Solutions to others. Technology and security changes very fast and it can be difficult for small or mid-sized companies to keep up. It is better to invest in having a partner who specializes in the field. This way you don’t have to do everything yourself, instead your partner can tell you exactly what you need to focus on.

Engineering Industry

Project Manager


eSecurity Solutions is adaptability, timely, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. eSecurity Solutions has provided us with state-of-the-art security services for the past 20 years. Specifically, they have assisted us in securing IT appliances, software security systems, integration solutions, migrating web servers, installing domain servers, managing firewalls, setting up office to office VPNs, transitioning to Office 365, providing 3rd Party vulnerability evaluations, and supporting our networking security system along with configuration needs. Our IT performance needs and challenges constantly change and eSecurity Solutions has been a great resource.

Nonprofit Organization testimonial

Information Technology Director

Nonprofit Organization Testimonial

We needed assistance in network security following the loss of an internal staff member handled our cybersecurity. We didn’t have the skillset to replace this position, which ultimately led to our company making the decision that it would be more feasible to outsource our security solutions. We decided to work with eSecurity Solutions because we liked that they have a benchmark of people here in the US and other countries that could provide us with 24×7 Managed security. This was a huge benefit to us and seems like a better option than hiring and training someone to fill the who could leave again, leaving our system and assets vulnerable.

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