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The Case for Managed Security Outsourcing

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Can Outsourcing Managed Security Increase Your Security and Reduce Costs?

It has never been more obvious when looking at the increasing requirements to provide adequate cyber security that most companies cannot do it with internal staff alone. It is just too daunting and the requirements are going up every year leading to the need for outsourced managed security.

Security Problems for businesses are Increasing

Top security problems for businesses include the need to be regulation compliant, the need to keep your employees working and productive, and concerns about security breaches.

These concerns are increasing as attacks get more frequent and cyber criminals are now regularly attacking smaller and smaller businesses.

  • Customers often require regulation compliance to continue business
  • Potential non-compliance fines
IT System Availability
  • Can your business afford to have its systems down and employees idle?
Breach Concerns
  • Ransomware is on the rise again
  • Multi-stage attacks find your weak spots

Cybersecurity Requires an Increasing Investment

To achieve higher levels of security, companies are faced with multiple challenges, such as:

The Number of Security Staff Required
  • Staffing requires experts in each area of security & regulations
  • Staff redundancy is required for backup and attrition
  • 24×7 security requires staffing way beyond what might be expected
  • Understanding security regulations requires expert partners or staff
  • Each security product/control area requires training and expertise
New Security Products
  • Every year security products are updated and require new tech skills
  • When new products are adopted, new training is required
Ability to Detect & Respond
  • Moving from “detection” products to “detect and respond” solutions require monitoring, analysis, threat hunting, and attack mitigation skills
24×7 monitoring
  • 24×7 monitoring is required by most regulations and is an expensive proposition to provide with internal staff.

Security Attacks Now Target ALL Businesses – No One is Safe

Cyber criminals used to target large companies so that they could reap large financial rewards. That required multi-stage targeted attacks that took months or years to plan and implement.

Unfortunately, enterprising criminals have now created software attack kits that almost anyone can now use to attack large lists of companies of all sizes with the push of a button. This is why no company is safe and no one should assume that they will not be attacked.

The Democratization of Attacks using Automated Attack Tools
  • Attackers can buy attack kits that make attacking dummy proof
  • Attack automation means attacking a large number of smaller companies is easier and more profitable than attacking large companies
  • This leads to the rise of Ransomware and Zero-day attacks
  • Smaller businesses are NOT safer than large companies

New Generation Cybersecurity Solutions Require More Effort

Security is dramatically more complicated and needs to be managed as an integrated system. SIEMs and advanced monitoring solutions are a requirement and require advanced skills and 24×7 monitoring.

24×7 Whole System Monitoring, Threat Hunting, Remediation
  • 24×7 is a huge staffing commitment
  • All your security infrastructure products need to be monitored
  • Servers and endpoints (on-premise or in the cloud) must be monitored
  • SIEM setup, policies, ongoing modifications, and ongoing management
  • Sophisticated dedicated staff must analyze SIEM events, recognize threats, provide threat hunting and mitigation
Management of New More Complex Security
  • Static signature based endpoint security are not enough, Use of AI/ML are needed to adapt to new threats
  • Complex SIEM-type solutions are now a requirement to monitor everything
Customized Security Controls
  • 3rd party risk assessments help you prioritize your security controls and customize your security
  • Customized security solutions optimize your security spending
  • Solutions must be implemented as an integrated security system

Managed Security is the Answer

Companies cannot provide high levels of security with Internal Staff Alone

Managed Security SOC Team

The net result is that most companies need to outsource managed security to provide an appropriate level of security for their company. The cost to do it internally is going up every year for the reasons stated herein. In summary managed security solves the following problems:

  • 24×7 staffing costs
  • Hiring experts in each new area of security is nearly impossible
  • Hiring to a high level of redundancy in each area of security is expensive
  • Security is constantly changing and needs constant investment

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