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Top SIEM Gaps in Security Monitoring Systems

Fill Top SIEM Gaps in SIEM Monitoring

Top SIEM Gaps in Security Monitoring Systems

Just because you have a security monitoring system in place doesn’t mean you are adequately protected. Cyber attackers are implementing new innovative ways to penetrate your business. As a result, companies are starting to transition to a SIEM security monitoring systems that are broader in their reach with continuous protection to eliminate SIEM gaps.

If you don’t have a comprehensive security monitoring system in place, then you definitely need to read on and consider adding one to protect your business. Security monitoring and SIEM gaps are the #1 void in most company’s security.

Here is a list of the top likely SIEM gaps in your security monitoring system and why a Managed SIEM Unified Security Service (MUS) is a more effective solution to protect your business from cyber attacks.


Lack of Knowledge of what Endpoints, Laptops and Mobile Devices are Connected to your Network

Devices of all types can be introduced into your network without your knowledge. The ubiquity of BYOD has created a control issue over how personal devices are used and how data is stored and moved across environments. BYOD is an open invitation for third party infiltration if not properly managed and controlled.

The MUS monitoring solution provides a network wide asset discovery and continuous monitoring for changes.  It allows you to look at all devices connected to a network and then monitor and control access permissions. Traditional monitoring systems don’t tell you what is on your network or monitor for changes, creating a dangerous security hole.


Lack of knowledge on what software is installed and whether the software is patched

If you want your company to be protected, your software should be constantly updated with security patches. Servers, clients and security devices, if not patched, present big security holes.

The MUS solution provides a continuous picture of installed and running software and software patch levels. It monitors and alerts you when there are changes made to your system services. A traditional security monitoring system provides no information on software security and is one of the SIEM gaps!


Lack of User Identity Access Management, Enforcing Roles and Access Privileges

Do you know who has access privileges to your network? Many companies don’t have an access management policy in place and, if they do, they are not updated frequently enough. Controlling who has access to which systems and monitoring and enforcing those privileges is critical to good security and a fundamental component of security compliance.

MUS provides alerts on user access violations within your business. Log monitoring and compliance rules provide knowledge of user access violations and ability to forensically audit prior behavior. This capability is not available on all security monitoring solutions.


Lack of visibility of advanced threats that are indicative of an Advanced Persistent Threat

The continuous cyber attacks, as in the case of the Hollywood Hospital in California, tell us that multi-pronged attacks require visibility across networks that look for coordinated efforts which reflect a larger attack. Companies need a security monitoring solution that look at different entry points, correlating activities across environments, to make sure that every possible entry for infiltration is monitored at all times.

MUS provides a variety of features that help detect possible intrusion in the early stages of an attack.  Security information correlation and analysis – from log event monitoring, behavior monitoring, continuous vulnerability assessment, user monitoring, intrusion detection and global threat intelligence – provides early threat insight limiting breach damage. Traditional security monitoring systems are not designed to detect, correlate and analyze this important comprehensive data.


The Ability to Generate Customizable SIEM Security Monitoring Reports — Showing compliance

MUS deploys multiple integrated solutions, correlating and analyzing information to address a much broader set of regulatory requirements. MUS provides built-in customizable compliance level reporting, which is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure your compliance (e.g. HIPAA). Compliance level and custom reports can be used to show progress in updating your security system, filling SIEM gaps, or to help build a case for enhanced security solutions. MUS is designed to meet all your needs for monitoring reporting.


The Ability to do Forensic Analysis after Breach Incidents or Security Events

If you have been hacked, you want to be able to go back and understand the points of weakness in your system. It is important to track back to each step of your breach incident. Was it an internal job? How long was your system hacked? What can you learn if look at all the historical data?

Forensic analysis is built into the MUS solution. MUS allows you to step back and look at everything, including information around user access, malware and events in your network.

eSecurity Solutions provide managed SIEM security monitoring solutions to protect your company from data breaches and ensure you are compliant with regulations. Their Managed SIEM Unified Security Services (MUS) monitoring solution provides your company with better security, visibility and expert partner support – all in one customizable solution. For more information, please visit eSecurity’s website.