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Do You Have the Right Security for 2017s Top Threats

The security threatscape continues to change rapidly and so have the top security threats for 2017. Ransomware has impacted everyone we know. Our employees are proving to be our weakest security link. Data breaches are up by 50% or more. Nearly 50% of the attacks are against small businesses proving that no one is immune.

Criminal and other attackers are morphing their attacks rapidly leveraging every weak spot in our security. Security targets have morphed from operating systems to applications, employees, emails, and malicious Web pages.


What are the top threats for 2017 that you should be thinking about?


Top Security Threats 2017

  1. High impact malware & Advanced attacks (Including Ransomware and zero-day threats, and Advanced Persistent Threats – APTs)
  2. Attacks on your employees (Phishing, Spear phishing, CEO fraud, malicious websites)
  3. Risks from applications that now reside in the cloud
  4. Attacks on mobile devices
  5. Attacks on Websites, Web portals


So, what do you need to be prepared for 2017 Threats?


Key 2017 Security Solutions to Deploy

  • Get a risk assessment security review to evaluate security weak spots and develop a prioritized list of solutions
  • Next Gen Endpoint Security solution (Upgrade or Add-on)
  • Next Gen Firewall which includes APT and advanced malware protection and endpoint linkage
  • Prevent employee exploitation
  • Cloud Application Security
  • Evaluate mobile and wireless Security – Endpoint & Wireless Solutions
  • Websites and Web portals can be locked down with:
  • Security monitoring solution (SIEM) – Alert on Correlated Threats


Some of the top 2017 threats are not new, but merely increasing in importance. The great news is that solutions exist for all of these threats and they are available for companies of all sizes. The most important thing is to not get complacent and to partner with a security expert so that you don’t get blindsided. Check out next months blog on security solution trends to see how the solution landscape is changing.


Contact us to discuss solutions or to do a risk assessment to determine where you are most vulnerable.