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5 Steps to Optimizing Your 2024 Security Plan

Optimized 2024 Cybersecurity planning & 2024 cybersecurity budget

Incomplete Security Planning Creates Huge Risks

Redoing last years security plan without reviewing changing threats and changes in your infrastructure will lead to new gaps in your security controls. 2024’s security plan and security budget, require consideration of these key risk areas;

  • New or important threat vectors that are not protected
  • Critical top level (Apex) security monitoring not in place
  • Non-compliance with stricter regulations and cyber-insurance

Unoptimized Security Planning Causes Security Gaps

The following are causes of incomplete security planning and provide the wrong security plan.Cybersecurity Gaps

  • Lack of awareness of new or emerging threats
  • Not factoring in the impact of changes to you IT infrastructure
  • Spending in the wrong places
  • Overspending on certain controls leaving no budget to address other key gaps
  • Tunnel vision – Security planning made in a void without 3rd party input

5 Security Areas to Consider as Upgrades/Adds

Each companies optimized security solutions are customized for that company.  But, Changes in attack methods, the massive move of assets to the cloud have exposed numerous new security gaps and frankly require a new approach to security architectures.  The move from centralized IT to cloud based distributed IT, as well as home base employees, is a complete game changer for security.

These 5 Areas require a fresh look at what your security architecture should look like for 2024 and beyond.

  • The Need for Cloud Security:
    1. IT infrastructure (IaaS) in the cloud
    2. Identify, Monitor & Secure Cloud Applications
    3. Security for Remote Home Workers – Secure Company and Users
  • Access Control – Just got tougher with every asset accessible from the internet. without zero trust access control, your other security may be useless.
  • Apex Level Security Monitoring – The need for 24×7 monitoring of all your IT assets and security controls with one pane of glass is essential. Most companies need to outsource this.
  • Hardening Endpoint Security – If the endpoint is the security defense of last resorts, then having the best endpoint protect, detect and response platform is a must.
  • Upgraded Email Security – Email is still the top threat vector and causal factor in social attacks, phishing CEO fraud etc. No company can trust just one email security program to protect against email threats.


Want to maximize your security protection while reducing your security spending for the upcoming year? Here is your roadmap to optimizing your 2024 Cybersecurity budget.

5 Steps to Optimizing your 2024 Security Plan & Budget

  1. Develop a security plan utilizing a 3rd party security risk assessment
    • A security plan that is augmented by a 3rd party risk assessment is a vital first step. Risk Assessments identify security gaps that make you vulnerable to significant risks. However, investing in large-scale cybersecurity protection before succumbing to those security risks can optimize your security spending, saving you more money over time.
  2. Identify new essential security solutions
    • Determining optimal security solutions to address new security risks is a critical step in cybersecurity coverage. External changes such as moving employees, servers, or applications to cloud storage allow a company to become susceptible to cyberattacks. Left unprotected, cyberattacks such as ransomware, zero-day attacks, supply chain attacks, and advanced persistent attacks can ravage a system. However, new solutions including Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions, CASB, and ZTNA can secure cloud storage and remove unwanted assets.Cybersecurity Planning Process, security plan, security budget
  3. Define a phased plan to implement your security roadmap
      • Defining a focused strategy with the right priorities can allow you to determine a coordinated timeline that can facilitate optimal cybersecurity implementation. It is better to provide the right security a bit later than to provide the wrong security today.


  4. Discover cost-effective next-generation security to replace current solutions
    • Again, security is always evolving, and companies need to stay up to date with the latest security risks. Thus, it is optimal to look for next-generation solutions when working with your cybersecurity partner. These solutions are designed to prevent, detect, and respond to the latest cyberattack methods. For example, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) can cope with attacks that evade typical security protection. Likewise, CASB and ZTNA can address the protection of distributed servers, users, and applications. These tools work in tangent with security monitoring services to promote overall cybersecurity. Determining your optimal security solutions will also optimize your security budget.
  5. Utilize managed security & managed security monitoring to reduce overall costs
    • Comprehensive managed security requires 1) skilled expertise, 2) redundant security staff, 3) 24×7 Security Monitoring. However, comprehensive managed security can be expensive and unfeasible to maintain internally. This is especially true for overall security monitoring which is both complex and requires highly trained 24×7 staff.

Defining your Optimal 2024 Security Budget

Companies cannot afford to keep spending on security solutions that ignore the changes to the threat landscape.  Number one among those changes is the move of IT infrastructures, applications, servers and their employees to the cloud.  Attackers are using AI, cyber attack kits they buy on the Web and customizing attacks to attack companies of all sizes.

eSecurity Solutions has been navigating the changes to the security landscape for 20 years.  We live to help our customers optimize their security plans and budges to get the best customized cyber security solution for their company.

Contact us to get a free 3rd party review of your 2024 plan or to help you by providing an affordable cybersecurity risk assessment to identify your security gaps.

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