Compliance Level Cybersecurity Solutions for Business

Let us help you meet your compliance or best-practices security objectives or to solve your security challenges

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Providing Cybersecurity Solutions in 3 Important Areas


We provide GRC Services including Regulation Compliance security Audits, readiness assessments, regulation certification. We also provide best practices gap analysis and security risk assessment testing like penetration testing.

Secondly, we sell security control products from the leading security vendors in the industry and customize solutions to meet our customers goals and budgets,

Lastly, we provide a full line of 24×7 MDR managed security services.

We provide these solutions to help our customers achieve their targeted goals for cybersecurity. We help compliance focused customers meet regulations, cyber insurance and customer/partner requirements. We help customers that want strong best practices security with their security goals as well. This includes best practices gap analysis, defining security plans, solutions and managing security. Lastly, we also help customers are still evolving their security to move toward best practices security by helping them to identify the most essential security solutions, we then help them acquire and manage that security.


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Expert Cyber Security Solutions


  • eSecurity Solutions has been providing enterprise-level security to all businesses since 2003.
  • We work with customers across the U.S. and beyond.
  • We want to be your cybersecurity partner and are a One-Stop provider of compliance-level cybersecurity solutions that will help you achieve all your security goals.
  • We have expertise in all regulation compliance areas as well as best practices security.

Problems Solved


  • Achieve regulation compliance CMMC, ISO 27000. SOC 2, HIPAA HITRUST CSF, NIST-CSF, GLBA, PCI, FedRAMP
  • Define programs to maintain or mature your compliance model
  • Provide security risk assessments and security testing
  • Define security prioritized gaps and necessary solutions
  • Define security roadmaps so that your security improves over time
  • Offload your security management burden with 24×7 security product managed services
  • Provide resources for GRC management, security product configuration, security problem solving
  • Monitor, detect and respond to security threats
  • Security threat hunting
  • Define the best security solutions to maximize your security and minimize your budget
  • Define security control policies, configurations and security management services


Expert Compliance Level Cybersecurity Solutions for Your Business

Let us help you meet your compliance or best-practices security objectives or to solve your security challenges

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Managed Security

Our Expertise


Over two decades of cybersecurity experience guiding companies towards regulatory compliance and best practices security.

Our expertise & Solutions

Tailored Cybersecurity Products Within Your Budget


At eSecurity Solutions, we are committed to being your trusted partner in defining and acquiring security products that align with your unique needs and budgetary constraints.

With over two decades of experience in the security industry, our seasoned experts possess the insight and expertise necessary to guide you in selecting solutions that not only enhance your security posture but also optimize your budget allocation.

By leveraging our extensive knowledge and industry relationships, we ensure that you receive access to top-tier security products from reputable vendors tailored precisely to your requirements.


Partner with eSecurity Solutions today and embark on a journey towards robust and cost-effective security solutions tailored to your organization’s needs.

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